Alex moved from America to Germany because of love for Ela. He started from scratch, now he has his own IT company and they are very happy

Alex moved from America to Germany because of love for Ela. He started from scratch, now he has his own IT company and they are very happy

I know Alex for many years, yet, when I was talking to him and Ela I had the feeling of watching a movie. A romance “like you see in the movies”, I think that’s their love story. You add a lot of work, passion, the courage to restart your life twice, in two foreign countries, one on another continent, and you get the whole picture of a very inspirational life story. A proof that if you care, if you want and if you work hard things can be more than good. You just have to fight for your dream, no matter what that is.

After he graduated in Economics, Alex Bebeselea (39 years old) worked as sales manager for a local newspaper in Sibiu, a small city in Romania. Then, he became general manager for a big construction company in the area. He was young, in a very high position, successful, so, theoretically, he had everything he wanted.

But he also had a dream.

“My dream, since I was a child, was to get to America. I applied as a student for Work&Travel but something happened that year and more than 90% of those who applied were rejected. After that, I think I applied for Visa Lottery every year. And I’ve got the visa after seven years”, he remembers.

When he left, he thought he will come back and then decide what to do. But something broke up when he was in there. When he came back, he simply couldn’t find his place. So he resigned from the Romanian job and left for America, thinking that this would be forever. He found a job in a factoring company, where he soon became economic manager. And everything seemed perfect.

Because of love

Until a summer holiday, that could’ve been as usual as any other. But it wasn’t. Neither for him, nor for Ela. He came to Romania from America, she came from Munchen. And at one point the time simply stopped. “We’ve known each other for a very long time, we’ve been high school mates. And we found ourselves again, in Sibiu, during that summer holiday”, Alex remembers, with a deep emotion in his voice.

And suddenly there were no past plans, no America, no 7 years of waiting for a visa, nothing. Just a beautiful love story and a new road followed with heart.

Alex moved from America to Germany, to be with Ela. She is living there since 2010, working at the same company ever since. When Alex got to Germany, he didn’t know the language, he didn’t have a job, he didn’t even know if he had the right to work. But he had Ela and he actually had everything.

New career from scratch

He started to learn the language and search for a job. He applied for many, he says it wasn’t very hard, but it wasn’t easy either to find one. He started in a hospital, at the financial department, and in six months he was promoted purchasing director in a private medical clinic. He remembers, laughing bitterly, that he applied for a similar job at one moment in Romania and they considered he didn’t fit, they told him he didn’t have the proper university degree. “I didn’t have the proper university degree for them, but I had exactly what it was necessary in here”, he says.

From that point on, things went on better and better every day. He started knowing people, talking to them, he discovered the system, things have settled.

He left the job from the clinic one year ago, to start his own business, an IT company. He works with a former university colleague from Romania, who has an IT company in Cluj. Their German clients are very satisfied with their work, done only with Romanian employees, and among their clients are famous brands like BMW, Philips or Bosch.

It’s a good, profitable business, but it’s also a lot of work. “It’s a little bit more stress, but you are independent, you can do things the way you consider. You also don’t have anyone to blame if something goes wrong, so you have to do everything you can for things to go in a good direction”, he says.

A completely different life

Beyond the business, living in a new country came with a completely different way of life. Coming from a country with a lot of corruption in every field, where almost everything goes wrong, it takes time for you to understand that “normal” means something else. You see the differences everywhere, in the way public services work. You see it in the health system, in education, in public transport that really works and offers very good conditions, but first of all you see the education level in people’s attitude.

“Through my work, I get in touch with a lot of people. And I’ve seen people with a lot of money acting completely normal, they are very simple persons. The owner of the medical complex where I’ve worked used to eat with us at clinic’s canteen. Any person who works is appreciated by the society. And I don’t mind paying taxes here, on the contrary, because I know my money are very well used for the benefit of the society. I can live calmly from all points of view”, he adds.

You feel the respect everywhere, Ela adds, from nature to people, you see another way of acting, of treating people. “We wake up in the morning and, although we live in a block of flats, the first thing we see are squirrels who are running through the park. They let a park right in the center of the city. Everything is clean, good taken care of, people respect each other, you feel this respect from the moment you live home in the morning till you came back, in the afternoon. You see it everywhere”, Ela says.

In Romania they come more and more rarely. Actually, I think we all who have left our native countries start doing that from one point on. “We have memories and friends but at one point you realize that things you live in present times are completely different”, Alex says.


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