Angelika’s new life, from Poland to Norway. Homemade, healthy food in a restaurant where you feel like home

Angelika’s new life, from Poland to Norway. Homemade, healthy food in a restaurant where you feel like home

Before knowing Angelika Osowska (28 years old), I had discovered, on Facebook, her restaurant. And I said wow – it almost looked too good to be true. Today, when you find a fast food at almost every corner, her small restaurant has homemade, healthy food, with ingredients carefully chosen, delicious cakes, natural juice, no cola, no chemicals. And it also has books, a place where children can play, flowers and something more – a very warm atmosphere, as if you visit an old friend. You don’t actually feel like a guest, maybe because you find in here not only good food but also a very positive person, who gives you healthy food and good words that are a real balm for your soul.

Do what you love, love what you do, and things will certainly go in the right direction. We read such statements often in inspirational books or on websites. But when you meet Angelika you just understand once more how much truth lies in this one. She just loves cooking. She has done this since she was 10, it’s not a job or not only a job. It’s passion, hard work, inspiration, imagination and a lot of soul.

She moved to Norway from Poland six years ago, looking for a new life. She and her husband had some friends here, came to visit and simply fall in love with the country, so they decided to move. Her husband came one month earlier, and quickly found a job in meat production. For her it’s been a little bit difficult, she had to get her driving license first, but afterwards she found a job in the same field.

The shock. The new beginning

Then their children were born, a boy and a little girl, the boy is 4 years old now and the girl, 2 years and seven months. But with the girls came the huge shock. She had problems with her heart, so she needed surgery when she was six months old. She is still sick right now, they are doing everything they can to help her. And they are hoping. And are enjoying the beauty of every moment spent together.

Because of staying with their daughter through hospitals, two months, they had some problems with their boss. “Small problems”, she says, but it was probably a sign. That they should do something for themselves and she can cook with love, as she had dreamt all the time. “We thought it was the best for us to take our life in our hands. This is my journey in the kitchen, I’m cooking since I was 10”, she says, and it’s a sparkle and so much passion in her eyes, while talking about this.

Food and spiritual food

Bistro M&O Kafé was opened in December 2017, in Sandnes, and it’s located at the main street. And you feel the good vibe right from the entrance and find it in every detail – from tablecloths to flowers, sofas, children’s playground or the delicious menu – everything is chosen with a lot of care and respect for customer’s needs. Sometimes, a friend comes with his guitar, singing and telling stories – it’s more than a restaurant, much more than food.

“It’s a place for people who like healthy food and who are looking for home atmosphere. You know, children are coming and take off their shoes – many people come here and feel like home”, Angelika says. And this is not only because of food. It’s because she is trying to do something more – to give you some of her positive attitude, her optimistic way of looking at life, her trust, always a smile. And her recipe for a healthy life which doesn’t mean only healthy food but also peace with yourself, trust in yourself, the power for anything found in yourself first of all.

”To be happy you have to build yourself and love yourself, you have to find the answers inside yourself. You have to think what is now, you don’t have to think what was, and to understand that everything happens for a reason. I would like to show people this way – that everybody can be happy but has to look inside. When I was 18 I lost my both parents, but I never gave up and I kept on smiling. I’ve had bad moments, but I just fought”, she says.

And she keeps on reminding you that happiness is built with small joys and that you have to be grateful every day. And that true happiness doesn’t mean material things. “Your rich is inside. I’m working to be happy, I want to be free, and when I have to many things I don’t feel that way”, she adds.

Healthy, tasty food. And charity, with love

Angelika cooks “polish style homemade food, in a healthy way”, as she describes, trying her food to be healthy but tasty as well. You won’t find here anything from fast food register. Anything. Not only a single variety of soda juice. But you will discover healthy dishes, vegan food, gluten free, delicious homemade cakes, natural juice.

At Bistro M&O Kafé come many families with kids. Maybe because of the atmosphere, because it’s a a very family friendly place, with all facilities you need. And those who can and want can help. She collects clothes and toys for children who are not that lucky. Who come from poor families. Organizes events for helping poor people. She and her husband spend Christmas and Easter at work, inviting here people who don’t have families.

They have clients of very different nationalities, Americans, Indians, Polish, Romanians, Germans, Scottish, Czechs, Slovaks, Norwegians. The client who came once usually comes back. “I treat them like I treat the guests that are coming to my home, they feel it and they come back”, she says.

Norway, her adoptive country, is now her home. “I chose Norway because it’s so much calm in here. I love it, this is my home now. I respect this country, people, the culture”, she says.

You can find Bistro M&O Kafé on their Facebook page, HERE


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