Music with heart. Laurentiu Erdei, the romanian young boy who has got to the famous norwegian show Idol

Music with heart. Laurentiu Erdei, the romanian young boy who has got to the famous norwegian show Idol

I think you could talk to Laurentiu (19 years old) about music for hours and do not feel the time passing by. It’s so much passion and joy in every single word when he is talking about what this means to him, his feelings, the pure, deep emotion, the beauty of every second when he takes his guitar and he is just singing. A beautiful story about a road that wasn’t easy, for a boy who moved to another country when he was 9. It was a country he knew nothing about before, but who became not only a place to live but also the home of his heart.

Lau, how his family and friends call him, moved from Romania to Norway 10 years ago, after his father had a very good job offer in Stavanger. He was 9 years old when he moved, he didn’t know the language, he knew nobody here except his family, it was a new beginning from many points of view. Now, he remembers laughing the feelings, first time in an airplane, first time in a foreign country, the first image with the sea when they got to Stavanger. Actually, he can say these are his first memories in Norway – the sea and the silence, and the very good feeling he had in those moments.

He attended first the international school in Stavanger, to learn the Norwegian language. He succeeded in doing this quite rapidly, in about 9 months, and afterwards he moved to a norwegian school. Meanwhile, he made his first friends, due to an old passion, the one for skateboarding. He met in his new neighbourhood children with the same passion, and soon his new friends started to knock at their door. “I think sport helped him trust himself”, Luminita, his mother, says.

First steps with music

How was with the music? I ask and Lau is laughing, remembering the very beginning. And suddenly there’s more than a story, there’s emotion, sparkles in his eyes, bit of tremble in his voice. He is back in time, seven years ago. He was 12, he was at school, there was a show and he found out that there’s something good with his voice. “First time when I found out that I can sing was at school, I was 12. There was a show at school, the music from Grease musical, and I had been chosen to perform the main character, the one played by John Travolta”, he remembers.

Luminita had a shock when she had seen his performance. “When I’ve seen him in that show and listened his voice I couldn’t believe my ears – is that my boy?”, she remembers, laughing.

After that show, he wanted to find out if it was more, if this was really a gift. His father played the guitar from time to time, so he started to practice and learnt to do this all by himself. Then he sang at a show in highschool and felt the wonderful feeling of performing in front of an audience.

The music school

It’s said that things don’t “happen” to you, they just take place when you are ready for them and you know how to live happily what’s happening to you. And certainly that day for Lau wasn’t just a happening.

He was singing under the shower, thinking that he was all alone at home. One of his mother’s colleagues entered the main door, heard someone singing and thought there was the radio, that good it sounded. When she realized that it was him who was singing, the lady, coming from a family of artists, told Luminita she had to do something with her boy.

So he started to attend a private music school in Stavanger, with a very good russian teacher. At one of their shows, came a boy that had reached the final at Idol, a famous Norwegian contest for amateur singers. He heard Lau singing and was very impressed, and his reaction gave him more courage. “I started to feel that I have control on my voice. I felt I was ready”, he says.


So, when a friend sent him a link to sign up for Idol, he just took his guitar and sang, shot himself, and sent de video. Then, he found out he was accepted.

Luminita remembers how that they had been together in Bergen for the selection, and with them came her good friend, the one who heard Lau singing at the shower and insisted for him to do something more with his voice. She promised her that if the boy chooses this career she will come with them everywhere.

The first audition was with some producers, and they were very excited. The second one, with some music teachers, was also a success. Only after he had passed these ones he could get to the main audition.

“It was hard for me to fall asleep before the main audition. I had to wait in the entrance room for 3-4 hours, but when I entered I felt like I’ve been in a dream. I’ve seen in jury artists that I knew from TV, I felt it was unreal”, he remembers.

He passed the audition. One of the juries, the one who was the most severe from all, told him that an entire nation could listen to his voice. It’s been a huge encouragement. And a beautiful period followed. The show was on at the national television in Norway, and many people started to follow him on social networks. Even if he did not pass the next stage, which took place in Oslo, it was a huge step for him. Now he knows where he has to work more, he could come back on that stage someday.

On with the voice

Lau finished highschool and was admitted to college. It was a period with many exams, so he didn’t have the time he wanted for the music. But now he is “back in business”, trying to get to the next level. The one where he can also be creative, not only to sing. “I started to work at a song with a friend who has a studio”, he says.

He is so happy talking about this. And when I ask him what’s the feeling when he is singing, his voice is trembling. Pure emotion and joy. “I just close my eyes and I feel like entering to another world, it’s another reality, I get out of everyday routine. I feel joy and release. It’s something I do for me, for my soul”, he says.

The definition for happiness is simple. “It’s when I feel I really do something with my life. When I feel that I did something that lasts. And I’m also very happy when I succeed in making other people happy”, he says.

And he is very happy in Norway, which is his home. “I feel that I belong in here and there are a lot of things that prove this to me – my friends, the system, the freedom to be who you are, you don’t get this anywhere in the world. I know this is the place I want to stay”, he adds.


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