You are currently viewing Golden hands. Adina’s painted furniture, a story full of passion, flowers and love

Golden hands. Adina’s painted furniture, a story full of passion, flowers and love

Before talking to Adina Postatny (38 years old) about her world of painted flowers, I have fallen in love with her creations. The notes for this article are written on a hand painted agenda made by Atelier 333 – Adinas Haus. I could watch her creations for hours without being able to decide what’s the most beautiful. They all are, it’s so much soul in every painted piece, from the smallest to the biggest, from decorations to furniture. Flowers, colors, art, patience, soul, tradition, hard work and a lot of love.

Adina’s love story with painting is old, actually it’s like forever. She knows this kind of painting ever since she was a child, spending her holidays in the idyllic area of Hartibaciu Valley, right in the heart of Romanian region Transilvania. She remembers the images – her great grandparents had this kind of furniture in their house.

When the communists have won political power in Romania, painted furniture was considered a sign of wealth, so many people in the area covered it with normal paint, trying to hide it that way. 15 years ago, Adina rediscovered the original painting. She had seen someone painting for about 3 months, she had fallen in love with this again and again and kept on doing it. With more and more passion every day.

The small workshop

Adina graduated from Economics Highschool, and then attended Psychology College, but in her heart there was always painting. She had worked in a glass factory since she was 18, and kept on doing what she had loved. Three years ago, with a strong, permanent support from her wonderful family, opened the small workshop.

“I’ve been painting all this time, I started with small things for the house, gifts, then first orders came”, she says. Now, you can find in her workshop almost everything, from little jewelry boxes or trays to massive furniture, everything worked carefully, with traditional transylvanian painting.

They collaborate with carpenters who work only with solid wood of different essences – and then every piece is personalized according to client’s vision. “We make a computer simulation, the design of each piece, and starting from that sketch we personalize with painting. When a client comes to us, we talk even for hours for a piece of furniture”, Radu, her husband, explains.

The good vibe from wonderful people

You will find Adina and Radu at fairs all over the country, happy to discover not only clients but also people as good and passionate as they are. The fact that people appreciate more and more traditional handmade painting, unique pieces of furniture, gives them a wonderful feeling, motivates them to do more and more.

“Our clients are all over the country, and I’m very happy that people appreciate more and more our traditional painting. When we have an order we are trying to do it as quickly as possible, we work 10-12 hours a day and we are trying to deliver the order ourselves, to make sure that it will get to the client in good condition”, she says.

Until now, they only worked for private persons, but they are more than opened to challenges, such as pensions or restaurants, for instance.

A world in colors

It’s not easy to own a small business in Romania and live decently only by doing this. But when it’s a huge passion and so much love you just keep on working and trying, and you trust, and things can work out, certainly. “You need a lot of courage, to pass from painting as a hobby to a legal firm with accountancy and everything. I am very lucky with my husband who is very helpful, I don’t think I would’ve started it he hadn’t been part of this team. You have to be more than involved, you take some risks, of course, but my wish to paint was way stronger than all these risks”, she says.

Actually, the team is a little bit bigger, and also includes their 11 years old son, a bischon and a cat, a lot of laughter, joy, inspiration and a feeling like no other, when Adina enters the workshop, turns the music on and starts painting. “When I start creating a model it’s mandatory being in a very good mood, otherwise I won’t be able to create”, she says, and Radu describes the atmosphere laughing “Usually, I enter the workshop and the music is loud, it’s joy and happiness, and she is painting and I know the result will be a very good one”.

The challenge to remain small

Adina and Radu’s workshop is located in Sibiu, a small town in central Romania. They also have a small house on Hartibaciu Valley, the place of Adina’s childhood, and they developed there a summer workshop. They hope that, in time, this will be a permanent one. Doing handmade, they also work at home when it’s needed.

But they don’t want to develop more, this is the perfect formula. “We are very stubborn in remaining craftsmen, we don’t want a factory, we don’t want to hire painters, everyone has a different work style and things won’t be the same anymore. This kind of small business is exactly what we wished”, she says.

You can find out more about Adina and her creations on the official Facebook Page of Atelier 333 – Adinas Haus, HERE


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