You are currently viewing Unique experiences in a magic place to stay – lovely apartments in a XIV-th century fortified church

Unique experiences in a magic place to stay – lovely apartments in a XIV-th century fortified church

For those who love history, beautiful stories from other times, and those places to stay who mean much more than a bed and a shower, Medieval Apartments Frauendorf could be a beautiful and very interesting experience. In Romanian historical region of Transilvania, in the defense wall of an old XIV-th century fortified church, four apartments have been arranged keeping pieces of the old, original wall, the perfume of the old, but having all the facilities of a modern unit. The church itself is amazing and there is also a museum inside it. And that feeling when you wake up and get out in the yard of the fortified church is unique – it’s like going back in time, it’s peace, emotion, history and certainly a wish to come back.

The story begins with two good friends, Ladislau Ciocan and Tudor Ravoiu, a tourism specialist and a journalist, who began in 2012 to promote the area where they lived, a piece of Transilvania, a beautiful Romanian historical region. They started walking from one village to another, discovering and writing on a blog stories a little bit “different”, with history, fortified churches, people who did unusual things – everything from passion and love for the area.

One year later, they made a small company and started organizing one-day trips to the places they discovered and promoted. But there were trips that meant much more than visiting – with lunch at locals, home cooked meals only with bio ingredients, traditional workshops of blacksmith, woodwork, authentic experiences, highly appreciated especially by the foreign visitors. “We had, in our first year, around 30-40 trips with different tourists, most of them foreigners”, Ladislau remembers.

Then, he restored his grandparent’s house from Medias, a small town nearby, and made there two hotel apartments. Six more apartments followed, in an old saxon house, right in the center of the town.

Apartments in the defense wall

This year they have taken over, as administrators, the old fortified church from Axente Sever, a commune with almost 4.000 inhabitants. They started renovating, and for about two months also started promoting the apartments situated right inside the old defense wall. The wall dates from XV-XVI-th century, and was completely restored a few years ago.

The apartments are made where old pantry rooms used to be. In the old times, people used to keep here food, and when there was a war they were taking refugee here. Four such apartments were made, keeping the old, the tradition and a very beautiful simplicity. “You can practically see from the rooms the defense wall and in bathrooms, in some points, the wall is with original bricks”, Ladislau explains. You can also find handmade carpets, old saxon towels with the original inscriptions, old tablecloths and good books.

Each apartment has its own bathroom and all the facilities of a modern unit. The place is pet and family friendly, and a common kitchen can be used also. The tourists are both Romanian and foreigners, and children love the place because they can climb the tower of the old church and admire, from top, an astonishing view.

“First time the tourists enter the apartments say Oau, they like it very much, they are surprised and say they never tried something like this before”, Ladislau says.

Museum with Guiness Book paintings

Inside the fortified church, you can also find a small museum who takes you back in time with a huge smile all over your face. A few dozens of local peasants donated different objects, helping this way in rebuilding old times with original tools and clothes.

You can also find here a special exhibition. Tudor’s grandfather, Emil Muresan, was a modern artist and the only one who made paintings from spider webs – he actually got in Guiness Book, because of his unique talent. Some of his paintings can also be admired in the museum, in a permanent exhibition.

You can find out more about Medieval Apartments Frauendorf on their Facebook page, HERE

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