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The fighters

When her husband died, after a galloping cancer, Mona’s world was over. They had been together for almost 16 years, had 4 children and the chance to live the love of a lifetime. He died in her arms and left with a big part of her soul. “What I am going to do?” was her first question. Opened her eyes wide, took her children, her miracles into her arms and promised herself they will make it. She did not have a job, they just finished one room from their small house and children deeply suffered for losing their father. But Mona knew they had to be ok, for him and for themselves. She found a part time job and, with her boy, who attends high school, she finished the second room of the house. People with big heart helped them with the bathroom. And the big girls, who attend the elementary school, got both the first prize in their classes. It’s not easy, it’s an every day fight, actually. But they never give up, they are strong and determined to succeed in doing something with their lives. And to make their father proud – he is their guardian angel, with them, every day.

From the main street, we turn right on an unpaved road, on a small hill with a few houses – it’s not a fairytale image, actually, it’s exactly the opposite, to be honest. But once you opened the door there’s another world – full of love, of hope, of ambition, with wonderful people who fight, who still dream, who work hard for small dreams to come true. Survivors. Fighters.

The death

Mona is 38 years old, although hard times she had been through made her look much older. She has four children – Alexandru (17 years old), Maria (9 years old), Ana (8 years old) and Sofia (4 years old). Until one year ago, they were a family of six, with her beloved husband, her soulmate. He was working in construction field, and supported the whole family, Mona took care of the children. They got a small land from the local municipality and started building their own house. They succeeded in finishing one room only, when terrible news broke their world. Her husband had a shoulder ache, and when he got to the doctor the diagnosis was a shock: malignant lung tumor, with metastases.

In 7 months, he was gone. “We have four children, we spent almost 16 years together, he died into my arms, while he was ill I took care of him, no one else”, Mona says, and tears come into her eyes. Her hands are shaking while showing pictures with him, on her phone. It’s an open wound, always will be. Like a piece of yourself you’ll never be able to put back again.

The fighters

After the shock, Mona opened her eyes and looked at her children. Their miracles, the purpose of their lives. And she knew she had to be strong, to fight, to do everything she is capable of and much more for them to be ok. She didn’t have too many chances – she comes from a very poor family, also had medical problems, and she attended only 3 years in the elementary school – but she promised herself she will fight every day for her children to have chances to do more.

She didn’t have a job, also, she took care of the children. Now, she has a part-time at a local pension, doing the cleaning, and tries to do this when children are at school and kindergarten. Alexandru is in high school, Maria and Ana, in the elementary school, and Sofia, in the kindergarten.

All are children any parent would feel blessed with. Alexandru helped her finish the second room of the small house. People with good hearts helped them with the bathroom. And the girls got excellent results at school. Both Maria and Ana graduated their classes with the first prize. More than that, on a local test, before the 1-st class, Ana had the best result in Ocna Sibiului and the second in the whole Sibiu county. They both love books, and Mona hopes all of them will keep on learning and will have the chances she did not have.

Huge love from the small house

“He never argued with the girls, he was the best dad ever”, Mona says, and the girls hug her stronger. They still go to his grave, cry and sometimes call him. But they all learnt that he will always will be there, with them, their guardian angel, proud of them, all the time. “I wish all the best in the world for them, I hope they will learn, be good and build a good future for themselves”, Mona says.

Maria loves reading, she got a book with her favorite stories. “a thick book, that I have read in one day”. What about mummy? “She is so good, for us she is everything”, she says. Ana puts her small arms around Mona’s neck. “She is the best mummy in the whole world, I want her to be happy, and I want the same thing for us. And daddy was so good, I miss him so much. You know, he taught me that 1+1 is 2, 4+4 is 8, 3+3 is 6 ”, she says.

Keep on fighting, for the children

Sometimes, Mona misses her husband so much that she feels she can’t breathe anymore. She is trying to hide her tears, and always looks at the children. “When I fell I’m falling, I look at my children and they give me the power to fight again. I pray to God every evening to give me strength, my faith in God and the children give me power. My husband asked me not to suffer from depression because the children meant everything to him, also”, Mona says.

I hug them all, before I leave, knowing that I will certainly come back. And I leave realizing, once again , what a great lesson we get from such people – we get nervous and complain all the time, about a lot of small stuff that simply do not matter. And there are people like them, with real problems, who do not complain, don’t get nervous, just have faith, and fight, and trust, and work every day, and truly believe that there is no problem without a solution – and that’s so so true.

My special thanks to We Help! Foundation – I found out about this very special family from them.

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