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Welcome to Poezia – a romanian-palestinian love story turned into a successful business

In the heart of picturesque region of Maramures, two doctors live not only a beautiful love story but also succeeded in building a very successful business together. Hadi Omer (58 years old) came to Romania 40 years ago, from Kuweit, to study medicine. He stayed here and fell in love with Carmen (46 years old), a colleague from the hospital where he was working. They both started with private cabinets, besides work at the public hospital, and worked hard. Now they own two private polyclinics and a very special business, also: in a dreamy natural setting they have built a four stars hotel, modern and stylish, with a lot of attention to every detail. The place has a big emotional value for Carmen – she grew up in this area and inherited the land from her grandparents – so in the basement she arranged an unique place, a small museum with traditional clothes and objects from the area, most of them more than 100 years old.

Originally from Palestine, Hadi had lived in Kuweit before coming to Romania in 1979, to study medicine. 40 years passed from that moment, but he still remembers, laughing, the shock of climate change – from 50 degrees, in Kuweit, to -20 degrees during the romanian winters. Everything was different, but he had many foreigners among his faculty colleagues and they adapted together – it was easier.

After finishing faculty, he started working as an urologist doctor in Negresti Oas, a small town in the historical region of Maramures, Romania. It’s the place where he met Carmen, a beautiful young trainee doctor who had just graduated Faculty of Medicine. “It’s how our story began – while I was preparing myself for residency I fell in love, also”, Carmen says.

Two polyclinics built from scratch

They both started with private cabinets, besides their work at the public hospital. Actually, they are still doing that right now – both keep on working as doctors, with passion, love and dedication for a noble profession they had both chosen with heart. From those cabinets, step by step, succeeded in doing much more – now they own two polyclinics, one in Negresti Oas and the other one in Satu Mare, a bigger town nearby.

“My husband has an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, his personality simply fascinated me from the beginning. He had never stopped, he had ideas, he was always doing something, he was probably an architect or an construction engineer in a previous life”, Carmen says.

From an idea to a four stars hotel

Polyclinics worked very well, and they started thinking about an investment. Carmen inherited a land from her grandparents, in a dreamy natural setting, in the mountains, close to a sky slope, and they started thinking about doing something there. The initial idea was that of a holiday home – then they thought about a guest house and ended building a four stars hotel.

“It wasn’t easy”, Hadi resumes, and Carmen describes the beginnings with no experience in this field, no utilities, in the mountains. No experience but a lot of enthusiasm and very hard work, never stopped, never gave up. “We started working like two crazy people, with no electricity, no water, no phone, on the top of the mountains. The construction lasted for 5 years, and it was very hard. For more than one year we had worked with power generator, we built the access road from the main road to the hotel”, Carmen says.

A place to rest both your body and soul

The hotel was inaugurated last year in may, has 16 double rooms and 2 apartments and can host up to 50 persons. It also includes a restaurant with a capacity of 150 persons, a conference room, an indoor pool and a SPA area. The rooms are spacious, with large balconies and astonishing views. Everything was done with a lot of attention to every detail, modern and stylish. It’s a place where you can rest, relax, enjoy the silence, recharge your batteries away from noisy towns but with all the modern facilities you need. A place to rest both your body and soul.

“The fact that we had traveled a lot was very helpful to us. I thought I was the tourist, how I would like to feel in a hotel – this is the way I want to build it for the tourists”, Carmen says. And the effort is highly appreciated – they have a lot of foreign tourists, mainly from Europe, and romanian tourists also. They are very careful to the reviews and try to improve things all the time.

For Maramures, with love

Beyond the material investment and a lot of hard work, Poezia is a place with a lot of soul invested in it, also. In the restaurant, are proudly exposed two painted portraits – both Carmen and Hadi’s grandfathers, people who mean so much to them, two different cultures, the same respect and the same love. And Carmen’s grandfather, who is 95, regularly visits them and is very proud of their work.

The whole area is a part of her soul and, because of that, in the basement of the hotel she arranged a small, beautiful traditional museum, with old costumes and objects from the area.

When she describes it, when she talks about the emotional meaning of the place, Carmen has tears in her eyes. “It’s a part of me, I used to come on these hills with my father when I was a child. Who comes here must also know this part, the history of this area”, she says.

Most of the objects, the whole collection almost, are donated by a friend, cardiologist doctor, whose picture is also exposed in the museum. All of them are authentic and more than 100 years old. Some of them belong to Carmen, including her traditional costume since she was 7 years old.

“If something seemed us impossible, we made it possible”

Hadi is Romanian citizen since 1993. Born in Palestine, living in Kuweit before starting faculty, he is Romanian not only in official documents, but with all his heart. He speaks Romanian perfectly, he and Carmen have two wonderful boys.

Their businesses have approximately 80 employees in all, and, although it’s not easy at all to be an investor and businessman in Romania, they never gave up. “We have a huge satisfaction. Is very hard to work on completely different businesses, to share your time, we keep on practicing medicine, we never gave up and never will. At the hotel things are completely different, we had to learn, if we hadn’t been fighters we wouldn’t have got here. If something seemed us impossible, we made it possible”, Carmen says.

You can find out more about Poezia Hotel on their Facebook Page, HERE


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