New life, from Romania to UK – Meet Camelia, life-coach and one of the best Bowen therapists in UK

New life, from Romania to UK – Meet Camelia, life-coach and one of the best Bowen therapists in UK

People I’m writing about on Special Stories have all many things in common but the most important of all is courage. They all had courage to do follow their heart, to trust, to give themselves a chance at one point, to fight, to dream and make their dreams come true. To change some things completely, if necessary. And Camelia is not an exception. Former biology teacher in Romania, she moved with her family from Romania to Spain first, then from Spain to UK. And she has reinvented herself, professionally. She attended a Bowen therapy course, started from scratch, worked hard, with passion and love, and today she is a life-coach and one of the most appreciated Bowen therapists in UK. This is her beautiful, inspirational story.

Camelia Pop (40 years old) graduated in biology and worked as a biology teacher in Romania. In 2008, the whole family moved to Spain, after her husband got a job offer there. She did not work in Spain – applied for different jobs, but nothing seemed to “to bind”. Maybe because she didn’t fit those jobs – she was applying not because she wanted, but because that was the “right thing to do”.

“I was 29 years old, pregnant with our second baby, and, during one trip in Romania, a friend asked me – Do you know what you will do? I told her I don’t know what the purpose of my life is – and she told me I’m closed to that age when I will have the revelation of what I’m going to do”, she says.

And her friend was right. Soon after that discussion, Camelia discovered Bowen therapy – at the beginning as a very good help for her husband. She loved it from the beginning, it was kind of a sign – her studies in biology were also very helpful. She understood physiology, how to keep yourself healthy. She attended and graduated a specialized course in Bowen therapy, in Romania. When she graduated, they moved from Spain to UK.

They were lucky – did not leave Romania forced by economic circumstances. They went to Spain because her husband wanted to see what working in a very big company, to a higher level, means. Then, he was promoted in the same company – and the job was in UK.

The way to success, starting from scratch

“We wanted more green”, Camelia says, laughing, when she remembers the moment of moving. They came to UK in 2011, and the accommodation was much easier. But the beginning as Bowen therapist was not easy at all. “I wasn’t so good in English and I did not trust myself, I was afraid to answer the phone – what if I don’t understand?”, she remembers.

But her clients loved her from the very beginning. Certainly, because she loved what she was doing – and people felt this and truly appreciated. Clients of different nationalities started to attend her cabinet in Manchester. Step by step, with hard work and lot of her heart into it, always, she became one of the most appreciated Bowen therapists in UK. From 2013 to 2017 she was elected as a member in the executive committee of Bowen UK BAUK Association. She withdrew in 2017 because she did not have as much time as she wanted for this – and thought it was better to leave the place for someone who can bring more value, having more time to work there.

The girl with big heart and big hugs

Up to her successful career from now, Camelia had a lot of work to do with herself, not only with her patients. She was somehow ashamed at the beginning to take money from her clients – in Romania, it was the company that paid you. “I reeducated myself to receive with joy”, she says.

She has different clients, and a big hug, from heart, for each. “Wow, what an authentic hug”, was a client’s reaction, “we go to pubs on Friday evening and drink, and only there, after a bit of alcohol, we hug and beat on the shoulder – you are mediterranean, you have style, can we hug every time I come?”, he asked.

“And I love this so much, I’m also happy for my results, of course, but I love this connection with people”, she says.

Life coach and Bowen therapist

And because of this wonderful connection, because she wanted to be able to offer more support to her patients, she started to do life-coaching, also. “I’ve searched on the internet a way of guiding people with their life problems – and that was the beginning”, she says.

Now, she does life coaching with the same joy and big heart. And truly thinks that if everyone would do the same, work with joy, society would develop faster and better.

Be grateful and think positive

Camelia says she never faced racism – not even in the beginning, when she wasn’t very good in English. Her clients always respected her. She feels lucky and grateful for her life in UK and thinks every immigrant should do this – love his adoptive country, be thankful for what it has to offer. “There are so many good things around us – we should put accent on them and be thankful and grateful”, she says.

As I said at the beginning of this text, to change things in your life is not easy and takes a lot of courage. Camelia had this courage, to start over in another country and reinvent herself professionally. Many people complain about different things – from work to personal life – but don’t have the courage to do anything to change. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy.

“People get out of their comfort zone only if they want to, and every person is responsible for his or her life, nobody else. If we keep on complaining and that’s all certainly things will not change. We don’t have to envy those who are ok – they are ok because they wanted this and worked for it”, she says.

She is an example that if you truly want, focus on it and work hard yes, you can. But it wasn’t easy. “In both countries, the first month I was delighted and next two almost in depression. I felt sad, could not find my place. It’s a different culture, different habits, a different language – so it’s normal. But I knew I will make it – what’s in my head and what I do with my hands I can take with me anywhere. If you do your job people accept you and are happy that you work with them. Everything depends on us – we can’t expect others to be nice to us if we are stuffy”, she adds.

You can find out more about Camelia on her Facebook Page, HERE


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