Living the norwegian dream – Meet Pame, the mexican girl in love with Norway ever since she was a child

Living the norwegian dream – Meet Pame, the mexican girl in love with Norway ever since she was a child

25 years ago, somewhere in Mexico, a beautiful young girl, 5 years old only, had seen a documentary on TV about northern lights. And just fell in love with them and started dreaming – that one day, she will get to that beautiful land, live there and love it with all her heart. She grew up learning about that land, searching for information all the time, and never gave up her dream. And things did not “happen”, just followed her beautiful heart. She met love of her life in US – a norwegian guy, then she was accepted for a masters program in Norway, and when she finally got to Norway she had the feeling of getting home. Today, 8 years after that moment, Pame Koselig (31 years old) has the same huge love for Norway and truly feels this is her home. She has a Youtube channel and a website where she speaks in spanish about everything Norway means, from legends and history to everyday life, useful things for those who want to know much more than standard information about the country. But her story is much more than that. It’s about integration with heart, about being different but having a lot in common, about small joys and about trust and courage – that if you really want something, keep on working and believe in your dream, one day it will certainly come true.

I am so happy for our discussion and for this article – because Pame doesn’t have a story, she is a story herself.

Everything starts in Mexico, with a 5 years old girl, who was playing around the house when she had seen on the TV a documentary about the northern lights – and she was simply fascinated. From that point on, everything seemed to go on that direction – the girl asked her mother to take her to the library, and in the following years she kept on reading and searching for information about the magic land all the time.

Years later, she searched a lot for a scholarship in the area, but did not find a program. So she went to the university in Mexico, and when she was about to finish her studies tried again – and this time she was lucky. She discovered her school had an agreement with a norwegian university, from Bergen, so she applied for a masters program, without telling anyone. She passed her tests, and one day she got THAT phone call, that she had been accepted – it’s a moment she’ll never forget. “That day, grandma hugged me and told me – I knew you were going to go there, sooner or later”, she remembers, smiling.

A movie romance

When Pame applied for the masters program, she was living a beautiful love story with a norwegian guy, and that’s a story, also – because nothing “happens” in our lives, that’s for sure.

“I was doing an abroad program in the US, and I was in a party and somebody told me – there’s a guy from Norway here, probably he could help you with information about schools or something”, she remembers, laughing. They became friends, then fell in love, and were together when she applied. When she had finished masters program, they got married – “we moved to Ålesund, and here we are, 8 years later”, she says.

Home, from the very beginning

First “meeting” with Norway was like that – 4 big suitcases, a lot of rain, everything super icy, in the night, in Oslo airport. But then, when she arrived, after so many years of study about the area, everything seemed so familiar – like she knew the place, like she had been there before.

Norway became not a place to live but a heartfelt home. “I’ve been in Norway for 8 years and I still get emotions from the same things. Every time I see northern lights I’m still crying. I’m happy living here and I managed to grow, as a person”, she says.

Mexicana en Noruega – about Norway, with love

After setting in Ålesund, Pame took intensive norwegian classes, and also started thinking about what she would love to do. “I remembered how difficult it was for me to find information about Norway in my language – that is how my Youtube channel started”, she remembers.

“Pame Koselig – Mexicana en Noruega” Youtube channel has today 26.000 subscribers and it’s an excellent source of information about Norway with everything that it means, from history or legends to everyday life. There are interviews, transmissions from different events but, most of all, useful and interesting information from very different fields – from getting a visa to Christmas decoration, for instance. It’s personal experience, but not only. People have a place to speak – and those who are interested to come to Norway and work can learn a lot about everyday life, with everything it involves.

“You search and see only beautiful things – nobody tells you that you need these documents or need to save for this – important things are not online”, Pame says. Making these videos helps her not only to show things but also to be outside, around people, to learn.

She also has a website – and a Facebook Page where you can find many interesting things, also.

Things that bring us together, more than those who separate us

After all these years in Norway and interaction with so many people, Pame understood a lot of things. Maybe the most important is that we are all the same – the rest are just stereotypes, nothing more. Such as “norwegians are cold” – of course they aren’t. “We are all humans, we all cry, we are happy about the same things, we suffer from the same things. We are different but have a lot in common”, she says.

She loves Norway even more, since she moved here. And she is convinced you can certainly find your place in a new country, as long as you open your heart, you are grateful for what you find there and love that place. But adaptation is not an easy process. “You have to find another way to make things happen”, she says – that’s so true. And you also have to be aware that not everything is perfect and there are a lot of challenges on your way. Not having your own family with you is extremely difficult – it’s probably the price we are all paying, in one way or another. On the other side, you learn to value much more moments spent together.

Change begins with small things

There are so many people nowadays who don’t have the courage to change things in their lives – although they are not happy at all. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy – and not many people have the courage to do this.

But you don’t have to start changing your life by moving to another country, for instance. Getting out of your comfort zone could mean small changes, also, things that make you happy.

“We have to be a bit realistic – in our lifetime probably we won’t be able to do all that we want. We have to prioritize. If you want to get out of your comfort zone you have to start with small things – self care skin, a road trip in week-end, every week in a new restaurant. It’s not about making big changes. We think we have to change everything – no, we just have to do small things that make us happy”, Pame thinks.

You can find Pame on her Youtube channel, HERE, on her website, HERE, on her Facebook Page, HERE


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