Welcome to Little Globy’s World – Cristina, a romanian specialist in nautical science, publishes educational books for children in UK

Welcome to Little Globy’s World – Cristina, a romanian specialist in nautical science, publishes educational books for children in UK

“For me, comfort zone does not exist” Cristina Steliana Mihailovici (39 years old) says, and listening to her beautiful, inspirational story you realize, once again, how good, beneficial this way of thinking can be. Cristina was always courageous, never afraid of changing things in her life, on the contrary. She studied Financial Management in Romania, then attended doctoral studies in Nautical Science and Engineering in Spain, and always kept on writing, ever since she was a child – because this will always be part of her heart. When she realized her native country is not a place where she can accomplish her dreams she moved to UK with her family – and never regretted her decision. She had the chance of teaching in Nautical Science, and also to follow her heart – to write and publish educational books for children. Books from Little Globy Series are today translated in many languages, including japanese, chinese and arabic, are interesting, educative and friendly for children and highly appreciated by their parents and grandparents.

Cristina loves writing ever since she was a child, and published poetry, prose or essay in cultural magazines from her native town. She attended a faculty in Economics – Financial Management, another field she really loved, but never gave up writing. During faculty, she worked in different non-governmental organizations on cultural projects.

Cristina and nautical science

After faculty graduation, she started working as an economist in a shipping company, and a new, fascinating world started opening for her. The maritime field was a chance and a childhood dream came true – but she worked hard, reinvented herself professionally, built it step by step, one small brick after another, with hard work, passion and courage – always learning, never giving up.

She got a masters degree in Maritime Management, then attended doctoral studies in Nautical Science and Engineering at Technical University in Barcelona. She worked as a teacher part of her doctoral studies, and never gave up writing – it would be like letting go a part of her heart and it’s impossible, for sure.

Lecturer in UK

After doctoral studies graduation, she came back to Romania, dreaming to change things, to apply what she had learnt abroad. But it wasn’t a land where she could accomplish her dreams. She had big plans and big dreams, tried a lot, but ended up hurt and disappointed. Until one day, when she simply decided to leave.

An opportunity occurred in UK, and she and her husband thought it would be a much better environment for their daughter, also. And it was the best decision possible. “We started from scratch again, but all my ideas were supported and encouraged. I have taught as a lecturer in Nautical Science”, Cristina says.

She taught in several educational institutions, in different cities, disciplines like marine management, marine law or project management, attended internationals conferences and seminars, met personalities in her field, kept on learning and personally developing. Many people have chances, at one point or another in life, but not everyone takes them – but if you do it, have courage and faith, work hard and never give up good things certainly happen. Cristina is such a beautiful example.

Welcome to Little Globy’s World

Although maritime field, economics and writing seem so different fields, she loved all and succeeded in performing in each of them – and that’s another barrier many people set all by themselves, that someone can be good in one field only. That’s absolutely not true, we certainly can develop in many directions, as long as we focus on them, love what we do and work hard.

Cristina never gave up writing. Little Globy came to life from this huge love – and today turned into a story loved by children, parents and grandparents from many countries. First educational story, “Little Globy and the magic of Christmas”, was published in romanian in 2014 and was dedicated to her girl on her birthday. “She was looking on earth globes ever since she was a child, and Little Globy is our planet. I tried to promote positive projects, Little Globy has the mission to make children happy, at least on Christmas night”, Cristina explains.

The second volume was written in english, is called “Little Globy – The magic balloon in the air”, and its purpose is to encourage children to study engineering, sciences, aeronautics, maritime sciences.

The third volume, also written in english, is dedicated to climate change and is called “Little Globy, the Recycling Superhero and The Plastic Ogre”. “In this story we also encourage and promote good values, especially planet’s protection”, Cristina says.

Little Globy’s stories were translated in many languages, and can be found on Amazon and many online libraries, in Germany, China, Japan or United Arab Emirates. On a public event, Cristina had the chance to give one copy to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. “We were part of the crowd on a public event with hundreds of participants, where Dukes of Cambridge were invited, and I had the chance to know them personally. I gave Duchess a Globy, she has all the openness in the world, she took it and talked to me, simply humanly, we rarely see such humanity and openness”, Cristina says.

Little Globy’s target audience consists of children from 3 to 12 years, but also their parents and grandparents, who read the stories to them. “They tell me it’s very interesting everything they find in there, they like the moral value from every story, something remains and you stay dedicated to a cause. I received pictures from parents with children falling asleep with the book in their hands”, Cristina says.

Out of the comfort zone

As I said in the beginning of this text – you need courage to get out of your comfort zone, try new things, act differently. But if you trust, work hard and do not give up, getting out of it is certainly more than beneficial – you personally develop and became every day a better version of yourself.

“I always avoided the comfort zone – I always tried not to stay in a warm place. For me comfort zone does not exist – I did this, I think I can do more. I know that we can all go beyond our limits all the time, for us and for the others”, she says.

It’s not about you only – it’s about doing something good for others also, to see that something remains from what you did. “The moment I stop I feel blocked, I feel like I’m useless. We need to give the best from us, everyone had something good inside, we need to find it and give it to the benefit of the society”, she adds.

You can find out more about Little Globy project on its Facebook Page, HERE


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