Priest Marian Tudor’s wonders – two social centers built and lot of help for hundreds of people in need

Priest Marian Tudor’s wonders – two social centers built and lot of help for hundreds of people in need

About priest Marian Tudor (42 years old) you can certainly say he is one of God’s messengers on earth. He had dreamt about being a policeman, but his mother’s illness, a galloping cancer, changed his life forever. He decided to become a priest – and from the day he had dressed priest clothes his kindness and huge love touched hearts and changed in good hundreds of lives forever. The statistics talk about two social centers built and many people helped, but every situation is a highly emotional story and each person has a place in priest Marian’s huge and wonderful heart.

He was dreaming about sharing justice, but he got to share overwhermingly high love. When he had finished highschool, he applied for a police agents school, but he failed. It was the moment his mother got sick of a galloping cancer, and in only 5 months she died. It was extremely hard for them – an aunt helped them, but was not easy at all. But his mother’s death came with a revelation – Marian Tudor decided to become a priest and started the Faculty of Theology.

Because the material situation was not an easy one, he worked in constructions during faculty. In his second year left to Italy to work, because they could not handle anymore. Two years after finishing faculty he returned into Romania and kept on working in construction fields. He applied for a job as a priest – and he will never forget the day he found out his request was accepted. He was working on a fence, had thrown his tools, everything, and ran – it was one of the happiest days of his life.


In December 2009, priest Marian Tudor got for the first time in Glodeanu, a village approximately 45 kilometers from Buzau county, in Romania. He remembers the trip – a tunnel on the road through the huge snow, and the parish house looking disastrous. “The stove was almost demolished, we had no bathroom but we had mice and rats – 24 mice were caught. But my wife encouraged me all the time – in Italy was very hard also, we started with 2 spoons, 2 forks and 2 knives”, he remembers.

But when he entered the church, a world of blessing was opened. It was very big – and an incredible feeling there.

The parish was very poor and with a lot of old people, many houses had their gates closed. “I tried to go to the locals and see why they don’t open for me – most of them had nothing to put on their tables, they were old people, families with many children, when I had opened the gates I found children without shoes”, priest Marian says.

He posted a few words on a forum, on the internet – and people started to bring clothes and shoes for the children. It was the beginning of wonders that still happen everywhere he goes – a sign that the person certainly sanctifies the place.

“I filled the church with children, there were 70 children, and I told all of them to bring their shoes for Saint Nicholas’s celebration”, priest Marian remembers, smiling, with the image of children bringing all the shoes they could find at home, not their only, because it was the first time they took part in this celebration.

“Then, I asked them to write letters for Santa Klaus, and most of them were asking potatoes, carrots, sunflower oil. Next year they asked for toys or telephones – this is what children should wish for Christmas, not potatoes, it’s not normal for a child to wish for potatoes”, he says.

Afterwards, they started cooking at the church, and then someone from Bucharest came to visit them. The family promised help with the project for a social center where children can come for lunch – and they did. Made the project, then sent workers and building materials, and after it was ready, every day, 30 children get lunch here. “We made trips to the sea and to the mountains, a gentleman invited us to a hotel”, priest Marian says. He started helping children to go to school, and three houses for people in need were built in Glodeanu – for an old lady whose house had burnt in a fire, a family with three children living all in one small room and a mother with five children who had left her husband because he was violent. “In Glodeanu there was no house left without refrigerator, gas cooker, God put so wonderful people in my way, I was only thinking about something and next day people asked me – don’t you need?”, he says.

In Glodeanu had the biggest shocks – two children who were eating cornflour with cold water or those who were throwing themselves when their neighbors gave food to the dog.


In 2016, he found out a priest position was available in his native village, Gagesti, in Vrancea county, he applied for it and was accepted. And miracles started from the beginning – with love, kindness, dedication and only one wish – to do as much good as possible for the others.

The lady from Bucharest helped again, bought a house in the village and made inside a center for mothers with children, victims of domestic violence. It’s an year already since it was opened – the house has 6 bedrooms, big lunch hall for about 30 children. After lunch, they stay there for homeworks, helped by volunteers.

15 poor families from surrounding villages are visited at least once a month and get things they need, and also call everytime they need something – from food or shoes to going to a hospital, for instance. A small house is built for a young man with health problems, who was living in a stall. Another house, for a family with 8 children.

This year, on Saint Nicholas, gifts for 200 children were made.

From heart, with love

Priest Marian’s actions meant help for hundreds of persons, both children and adults. But the man who did so much just because of huge heart and love for people in need is extremely modest. “I consider myself more like a courier than a do good person, I only take from some people to give to others”, he says.

The two children he had found eating cornflour with cold water in Glodeanu are in Vrancea, with him. The child he supported to go to highschool was admitted at faculty in Bucharest – “they were 7 brothers, he took care of them at home, I took him near the church and he succeeded in saving himself”, he says.

A lot of good, kind people gathered around his projects. Most of them, usual people with huge hearts. People from the country and abroad send packages – he remembers how he had to go to the airport, for instance, to take some packages from United Arab Emirates. Facebook page is very useful – they put there everything they need and do.

In priest Marian’s heart there is light, love and huge grateful for all those who support them. His mother is there all the time, touching their hearts with angel wings, giving them hope and trust.

“I feel exactly what I felt when I was a child and got from an uncle from Sweden clothes for Christmas and Easter, we were so proud! It was a huge joy, and everytime I succeed in giving clothes and shoes to a child I remember my childhood. What can be more beautiful than to see a child smiling? There are joys that stay forever”, he says.

He is so grateful for his family’s support, also, his wife, their daughters, are all involved in the project.

You can find out more about priest Marian Tudor and their projects on their Facebook Page, HERE

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