“Help the village” – a few wonderful young people are guardian angels for people in need in rural areas

“Help the village” – a few wonderful young people are guardian angels for people in need in rural areas

For more than 10 years, a few young people with huge hearts turned themselves into guardian angels for hundreds of people in need in rural areas. They help old people to repair their houses, to have utilities, bring families in need food, clothes and other things of strict necessity, donate from their time and money to help, protect, give chances and a lot of hope. Many good people joined them – and today “Help the village” means, beyond a lot of help to particular cases, 24 editions of the campaign and more than 300 families helped.

The story begins in 2008 with a group of motorcyclists, good friends, who were walking around the mountains. There were no GPS back then so they stopped in local households to eat and get some help with guidance. “That was the moment when we realized there were many people who had lived in difficult conditions”, Marius Achim (34 years old), the initiator of the campaign “Help the village” says. He remembers a little girl whom they asked how would she love her house to look like when she will grow up. “I don’t know” – was her answer, and they had realized that was her universe – she had never seen another house before. “Going to the rural areas, discovering people and their problems, we tried to help them”, Marius says.

The miracles

More than 10 years after that moment, “Help the village” became a wonderful, heartfelt story that changed the lives of hundreds of people in need. Many old people were helped to repair, restore houses that almost collapsed. Others were helped with utilities – electricity, most of the time, food, clothes and a lot of other things of strict necessity.

Marius remembers each case with the same emotion – starting with Granny Lucretia, who lived isolated in a village, continuing with many other cases, all highly emotional, all in urgent need of help. Houses repaired, rebuilt, everything with materials got from donations and their own money, drawing electricity where was necessary and so many more. “We are trying to cover what’s necessary and help those people no one else does”, he says. They had seen many desperate cases all these years, abandoned villages, few families living, old people so alone. Poor families with children, also. Everywhere, tried to help as much as they could. “We formed this system – we go, see the families from a bigger list, post online everything we need, we take their height, weight, number from their shoes, for adults and children, we see what needs to be repaired at the house, electricity if necessary, installations”, Marius explains.

When many hearts beat together

Little by little, they became well known in the area. Today, their actions cover the counties of Hunedoara, Arad, Timis and Alba, and the project has 30 permanent volunteers, 20 of them from Hunedoara, the county where they live and where everything started.

More and more people heard of them and supported their actions. “We receive from the country and from abroad very many donations, including construction materials, including money. And when it’s not enough for what we need, we put our own money”, Marius says. He remembers a case – a grandpa whom you could see staying on the bed through the crack in the house, in December. Someone from Bucharest donated a container – a room, bathroom, stove, roof. Another person, with a transport company, brought it to destination for free. Someone with a crane also helped for free.

“We are surprised by a lot of stuff. Cars stopped in the middle of the road – you are the boys with the house? Take 20 pizza, or 100 euro, or come to take construction materials from the car, I had brought them for Austria”, Marius remembers just a few situations of wonderful humanity from very, very many .

It’s the way the story was written for almost 11 years. With many hearts that beat together for others. “In every campaign, we go with the caravan 2-3 week-ends to repair some houses, then the 4-th week-end to all the families with clothes and food, 10-15 cars. That moment, in the last five years, more and more parents with children came, and we are very happy that, through volunteering example, we can change the new generations”, Marius says. He remembers a very emotional moment, when one of the children in the caravan came and said – Daddy, you know the woman with that child? Look, this toy car, I want to donate it for him. But why? But, daddy, that child does not have, have you seen how upset he was?

For pure joy, because of love

Until now, all donations were collected at Marius’s company, but their number increased and the space became too small. “Next year I will donate to our association a part of our personal yard, to build a hall for “Help the village”, Marius says.

What happened through all these years changed not only him, but all volunteers involved in the project. It’s not easy – but the emotional satisfaction can’t be described. People’s joy is priceless – and it’s the most beautiful gift someone could receive – the satisfaction that you did something good, that you succeeded in change someone’s life in a good direction.

“It’s the joy of helping and of teaching the new generations to do the same and take care of people in need”, Marius says.

How we can help

Those who want to support “Help the village” can do it in several ways:

  • Donating in the account of Hunedava Association, CIF: : 40388247, IBAN : RO45 RNCB 0162 1622 3159 0001 BIC: RNCB , opened at la BCR HUNEDOARA
  • Through money transfer services like Western Union, Money Gram and others on the name of legal representative MARIUS ACHIM-STEFAN, president of the Association
  • On Pay Pall account linked to the e-mail address achimoto_ro@yahoo.com
  • If you want to donate food, clothes or construction materials you can go to the warehouse situated in DEVA city, PIETROASA street no.13 , HUNEDOARA county.
  • You can transfer through Revolut system, on the account linked to the phone number 0040728290701 – on the name of Marius Achim, the president of Hunedava Association.

You can find out more about “Help the Village” on their website, HERE, and on their Facebook Page, HERE


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