Anca and Ana’s “Travelling little box” – hundreds of children in need receive gifts, education, beautiful memories and a lot of love

Anca and Ana’s “Travelling little box” – hundreds of children in need receive gifts, education, beautiful memories and a lot of love

Anca Batiu is a wonder herself, her friend, Ana Borca, the same. And “Travelling little box” is heartfelt project started by their association, “Travelling IA” two years ago, project that had brought joy to hundreds of children in need. They received gifts, schoolbags with everything needed for school, birthday parties, education and so much more – a lot of love, strong hugs, wonderful emotions, beautiful feeling that there are people who really care. And because people feel their love and dedication they come to help one by one – beautiful people from Romania and abroad who support their actions, donate, give time, love and become part of a wonderful story.

“Travelling little box” started two years ago with a “shoe box” campaign after which 100 children in need got wonderful gifts. It was the beginning of a very special humanitarian journey – that one of the little box that brings a lot of joy.

There are so many moments to tell, in these two years. Last year, for Christmas, in an old, forgot Romanian village children from school and kindergarten, almost 100 in all, got gifts. It’s a very poor village – but the school looks wonderful, and children have many activities of non-formal education. “We took Santa Klaus, we want to motivate people from the local community, each person to understand that she can give something. All gifts are with new things – I would’ve loved to get something like that myself”, Anca says.

Last year, children from a painting group donated the money got from a Christmas fair. On a german speaking class, children had chosen not to receive the gifts from Santa but to donate them to children in need. Children from high school organized a charity ball, with gifts for 35 children.

“This year, the whole year, we had a project with food for body, soul and mind, 40 children from disadvantaged environments learnt to wash their hands before eating, to eat two dishes at lunch, to brush their teeth”, Anca explains.

Birthday parties for children who wonder when their birthday is

Birthday parties for children from poor families is another project full of emotions, sometimes tears, always happiness when seeing their reactions. “A little girl told us – I think that not tomorrow but the day after tomorrow is my birthday” Anca remembers. They take gifts, birthday cake, flowers for mothers, everything needed. They have a database for this – 27 children had birthday parties last year, 17, this year.

2019 was hospice year, dedicated to all hospice kids, also a highly emotional project. “Travelling school bag”, another wonderful project, offered 90 schoolbags with everything needed for school to 90 children from poor villages, with very good results at school.

Happy Moms Clubs also support Travelling little box – there are mothers from 5 towns with their own business who meet, collect taxes at every meeting and then donate the money. Ladies from “Sezatoare”(a Romanian tradition where ladies meet, socialize and do things together) also helped. O friend with a tourism agency gave a space to collect donations, for free – and also involved in the campaigns.

The heart made of people’s hearts

When you’re doing so much good, highly emotional moments are every day. It’s certainly so hard to choose a few. Every child is a joy, every smile fulfills you heart, every moment spent with them brings sunshine in your soul. All have the same importance and the same unique beauty. Children from a very poor village, with flawless calligraphy notebooks. The girl who did not know when her birthday was. Romanians who had sent donations from America. Lunch for children – and people who always donated for this. People who call – don’t forget me for a child, I want to contribute. Someone who donated his grandma’s old traditional shirt. And so so many more.

“This is what I had learnt from my grandparents. They were both orphans, and taught us all the time to help, to be honest, to work. It’s the best way of educating my child – through my own example”, Anca says.

You can find out more about “Travelling little box” on their Facebook Page, HERE


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