Wonderful Nataliea, inspiration and heart – it’s never too late to follow your dream

Wonderful Nataliea, inspiration and heart – it’s never too late to follow your dream

In her childhood, Nataliea Albu (60 years old) was dreaming to become “a doctor for souls” as her grandmother used to tell her. It took some years following completely different roads, but at one point her dream wonderfully came true. Meanwhile she had worked in design field, was not ashamed to work in a shop or as a baby sitter when necessary, then worked as an analyst programmer also, but never gave up her dream, being sure there’s a “right time” for everything. And it was – so at 48 years old she attended the Faculty of Psychology, then a masters program in Vocational Counseling, became a psychologist within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, career consultant, and published wonderful, inspirational, successful books about how you can restart your career and about how you can make your dream come true if you truly want this, believe in your chance, work hard and never give up. This is her wonderful, inspirational story – another proof that it’s never too late to follow your heart, in anything.

“I loved helping people, when I was a child”, Nataliea says, and the road of her life had brought her to this point – to succeed in helping others by doing what she loved. She had graduated a technical high school, worked in design field, but when she lost her job was not ashamed at all to work in a shop or as a baby-sitter – there are parts of her life, also.

Then she had worked as assistant programmer in an elementary school, learning everything in the field from scratch – she remembers laughing that the beginning was with how to open a computer. From that school got to the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, where she had worked as a computer scientist for many years.

The restart

But she was much more than that. “I was the unionist of students, their soul mother”, she says, with a deep, wonderful emotion in her voice. At the door of her small office were always students – “every student came to kiss him on his forehead to have good results in exams, I made them believe in themselves”, she says.

And she knew there was much more than her formal profession. So after meeting her husband, who had supported and encouraged her, she decided it’s never too late to follow your heart, and that the moment for her childhood dream to come true was finally there. So, at 48 years old, she attended the Faculty of Psychology, then a masters program in Vocational Counseling. When she had finished her studies, was 53 and more than happy. Then, after a contest, started working at the same university as psychologist – “doctor for souls” officially, with diplomas.

“I had reinvented myself, I did those studies from a huge passion, I was sleeping 3 hours a night, had reports to do, I was learning, reading a lot”, she remembers, smiling. Of course it wasn’t easy – but the satisfaction was huge and it was worth all the effort.

Inspirational books published

From that point on, everything was an explosion of wonders – people, personal and professional achievements. Nataliea had published two inspirational books, both successful, one of them reedited. “Restart in your career” was about people like her, who decided to give themselves a chance and change their life in a very good direction. “The book was successful, was very well received”, she says.

The second one, “Before and after school – motivational career interviews” was also successful and reedited. And her biggest joy was that, that way, she felt she could give forward what she had received.

Follow your heart

Nataliea’s advices are so valuable – I actually felt like talking to an old friend, not to the subject of an interview. She keeps on being active professionally, although she retired from the University.

She is a mountain of optimism, and a living proof that it’s never too late to follow your heart. “You have to have a little bit of adventure in you, you throw your head forward, but it’s good to have an anchor, also – I had a stable job, my family, my husband, my daughter – then you feel that people around you look at you with admiration, tell you where did you have the courage from, I could not do something like that. If you put your anchors you have courage – step by step. When you have a passion you feed it and develop it”, she says.

It’s about courage, first of all – to do what you love, change your job if you are not happy with what you are doing, to go out of your comfort zone and give yourself the chance to be truly happy. “It’s all about breaking down your barriers, not waiting for someone to do it, you have the freedom to do this. People who had courage changed their lives completely. You must love what you are doing, the clock has no time, the time has no clock”, she adds.

Happiness? “To be honest with yourself – and to be congruent, what you say to do, also”, she thinks. And to have the courage to try – it’s never too late. “When you get to an age you are sorry for what you didn’t have the courage to try – if you hadn’t tried you can’t turn back time. We are used to live in templates – that is good, that is not. You can’t break some rules of morality, but you have to do those things that make you feel happy, give you an inner goodness”, she adds.

Do you know a very special person? Someone who has followed his dream, built it piece by piece, with passion, energy and lot of soul? An usual, simple person who did something in life, who you can identify with, who can be, for others, a source of inspiration? Tell me about that person and let’s tell the others his/her beautiful story. Write me at specialstories00@gmail.com, here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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