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Follow your heart – Meet George, the Romanian man who became a highly appreciated Police Community Support Officer in UK

George Serban (45 years old) got to UK almost 25 years ago, following Marcine, the love of his life. And that’s also a story – they had met in Romania, Marcine learnt Romanian language because of love, wrote him long letters in Romanian while he was in the army, they had a traditional Romanian wedding. After moving to UK, George had different jobs until he succeeded in accomplishing an old dream – that one of working in the Police. For 16 years already, he is a highly appreciated Police Community Support Officer, loves his job and is also involved in many community actions – when he celebrated 10 years at work a local newspaper called him “the heart” of the local community he is serving. He and his wife have three wonderful children and George is happy and grateful for all the chances that he had – and a beautiful example that with a little bit of courage, passion and a lot of work you can certainly make your dreams come true.

“We will have our silver wedding next year”, George says, smiling – he doesn’t even know when all these years had passed.

Love story like in the movies

It was in the 90’s when he and Marcine had met, in Romania, where she came to work as volunteer in an orphanage.

When he started the army they were already together, and she had learnt the Romanian language because of love for him. And learnt it that good that she had written him long letters, in Romanian, while he was in the army. “She was speaking and writing fantastically, I remember her long letters, 4-5 pages, in Romanian. She speaks Romanian very well, talks to my mother, has many Romanian friends, comments on Facebook in Romanian”, George proudly says.

They had a traditional Romanian wedding in the village of his grandparents and a honey moon in Mamaia, a Romanian resort at the Black Sea. It was July 7, 1996 – George remembers with so much emotion, still can’t believe so many years had passed. Today, they are proud and happy parents of three wonderful children – 18, 15 and 12 years old.

New life, from scratch

When he got to UK, George took everything from the beginning. He didn’t even know the language – went to a college and learnt it, he had to attend driving school again in UK. He had jobs as day laborer at the beginning. Then he had a stable job in a textile company – where he started from scratch and became a supervisor after a few years.

“It was hard for me especially at the beginning. But I have perseverance, I always loved trying, never gave up, I always loved getting involved”, he says.

Police Community Support Officer for 16 years

In 2003, he had seen an announcement in the local newspaper about a job in the Police and, encouraged by Marcine, he decided to give it a try. It was a dream of a lifetime – that was what he was hoping he will do in Romania, before he decided to leave.

He was accepted after passing all tests and procedures, and in 2004 he became the first Police Community Support Officer in his area. He had to cover an area of 24 miles – “we had to be visible, to patrol on foot, to see, to listen, to take the pulse among people”, he says.

16 years passed and he is still there – deeply attached to his community, seeing the children growing, getting involved, happy and proud to be part of it. People appreciate and respect him. When he celebrated 10 years at work a local newspaper called him “the heart” of the local community he is serving.

Involved in community’s life

British citizen since 2003, George wears his uniform proudly, loves his job, the local community and is grateful for all the chances that he had there. Beyond his job, he is happy to get involved in many civic actions – with dedication and respect for a beautiful community that became a heartfelt “home”.

He had studied horticulture in Romania, in highschool, he is part of several local groups that take care of the nature, plant flowers, have environmental actions, plant trees, fix park furniture and many more. Also, he is happy to be part in Police’s different prevention projects in community. People know him, accepted him, respect and highly appreciate his work and involvement, both in Police and in civic actions.

The roots from the heart

After almost 25 years in UK, George certainly feels here “at home”. But Romania will always be in his heart. Last year, they opened the legal procedures for their children to get Romanian citizenship, also. They visit his native country at least once a year – sometimes, more often. And he drives a Dacia Sandero, a Romanian car – “if it is good for my father is certainly good for me, too”, he says, smiling.


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