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Why are women special? Heartfelt words from special ladies whose stories you could read on Special Stories

The world celebrates WOMAN today – and on International Woman’s Day I have a very special gift for you on Special Stories. It’s not me the one who is writing today, but I have very special guests of honor. I asked 18 of the very special women whose stories you could read here to tell us why are we, women, special. They have all written with heart, from personal life experience – and the result is a joy for mind and heart from the beginning till the end. Pieces of soul, wisdom, emotions, love, serenity and gratitude – in a text to be read again and again, saved and felt as it has been written – mandatory with heart.


CAMELIA POP – Men and women are both special. Both have amazingly valuable traits, that’s why we feel the attraction for each other. This article comes out on Women’s Day, so I write with joy why I think the woman is special. From the very beginning, she was designed with the power of creation. Into her womb, a new human appears and grows. One of the sexes is gifted with physical strength, dynamism, strong will, the other sex is gifted with creativity, nurturing abilities, intuition…

From the beginning of his life, the child is tight connected with his mum. The little baby is feeling and hearing everything that mum feels and hears. They are like a single body. For this reason the child is very connected with mother, and will copy the way mother acts, interacts and how she thinks. This comes with a big responsibility, because the way we think, do things, judge, speak, live our lives, will be adopted by or children.

Let’s imagine a beautiful scene, that I am sure everyone has seen it at least once somewhere, if not many times: the woman welcomes the man with a smile on her face, she serves him a meal made with a lot of love and excitement, then they have a chat sharing what they’ve been up to during the day, she is praising him for the good things he has done or said that day, he hugs her tightly feeling gratitude that she is part of his life. How will be their little daughter when she will become a woman? She will find easily to express her love because she has already seen how to. A happy woman creates happy generations.

The woman transforms the place where she is living. Give her an empty room with a bed and a table and she will buy or do by herself a tablecloth, curtains, she will tell you how to build the closet, how many drawers to have, where the place for hangers should be. Seems like she is spending money but from that empty rooms she will make a house and a home, and on the table or at the window she will put flowers. She is creative and brings beauty into the house. Even in gay couples one has a masculine energy, the other is more feminine and makes the place beautiful.

It’s well known that smile is contagious, but a woman’s smile simply transforms the house. Woman should find time to relax and do those things that give her joy. Because this way she will be able to smile, and share her joy with her family.

Women even when talking each other keep on creating and bringing beauty: exchange culinary recipes, “recipes” for a good education for children, ideas of handmade, of making the house more beautiful, themselves also…women don’t waste time, they create beauty in their family’s life.

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FLORINA STOICA – Why are we special? As easy it seems to talk about it, as complicated it is! I wouldn’t call them “special”, it’s more like “incredible”, they have an incredible power…“of everything”, how my grandmother would say. Seems like nothing can stand in their way!

Of course man’s role can’t be neglected at all, but, yet, what has God put inside us? Neither when you fall you don’t actually fall, neither when it’s hard for you is not actually hard, when you feel you can’t do it anymore you actually can!. We have an incredible power of retrieval, recovery, reinvention, rediscovery, take action in any situation.

But as strong they seem as fragile and sensitive they are, and their qualities, combined, have as a result the most “incredible” human being, accomplished by God, called WOMAN.

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SIMONA MARTI – Why are women special? Because it’s not hard for them to say YES! YES, two small letters, a simple word. YES means yes, I know it could hurt, but I’m ready to heal myself…YES means yes, I want to try, even when I’m afraid of failure and…YES, I don’t know what future will bring to me but I’m ready to be surprised…on my way…YES, there are days when all I can do is be silent, and that’s OK, there are days when nothing goes right and I can’t find myself…YES…I’m patient with myself, give myself some space, take a break, meditate and breathe.

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ANDREEA ROSETI – My mom beat cancer twice, after working three shifts in a hospital while trying to offer me the best education possible. Her mother raised two daughters and other foster kids while running a farm and later caring for an ill husband. My Oma (the German granny) had an amazing mind and endurance in a time when careers were meant only for men to have. My daughter refused to eat meat when she was only 4 in order not to hurt animals, and stuck to her decision ever since. They say women are delicate but we can never allow ourselves to break. They say we need to be protected, but we are always the ones protecting our families. Be a superhero, be a mom, be outrageous and daring and be proud.

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ANGELA KECSKES – I don’t know if we, women, are special. I think each of us, as women, need our “half” or our family who help us to be special for us, as women, then for them, as our partners and also for our family, friends and people we know. And we also need love. The more love we get, the more “special” we can be for people around us. I think we should be grateful for people around us who value us, love us, encourage us, support us and are there for us every single day.

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ADINA POSTATNY – I don’t know if I feel special because I’m a woman. I feel special because I’m a human being and because people around me make me feel like this. People I believe in and who believe in me, people who smile to me, people who help me when I need, people who give me time from their time, people who offer me from their bread. And this makes me feel special. And when I feel special, all the flowers coming from my brush are alive. People are my source of beauty.

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RODICA DILGANU – I think that what makes us special is our capacity to mobilize ourselves, we are capable to do things that seem hard or impossible even for a man. Well, a woman will make the impossible possible and will succeed in doing it. We have a lot of intuition, we know to believe in dreams and make them come true, our passions become special because they have not only talent but also heart.

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ANCA BATIU – Why I am special? I don’t know if I’m special, I have never thought of this. Since I have got this “homework” many answers passed through my mind, but none of them seemed appropriate. Until one day, when I have found a picture that I love very much – my daughter, me, my mother and my grandmother. And that was the moment I knew the answer. I’m special because my grandmother has taught me to be like this. She has taught me to love God, to love people and to believe in them, to care, to give without expecting anything in return, to work the land, to keep things in order. I’m special because my mother has taught me to be like this. She has taught me to be correct, not to judge people, to be persevering, to keep my word. And I’m special because my daughter tells me “The best in me comes from you, mum!”. Happy birthday, wonderful women!

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ANA MOCANU-SUCIU – For me woman’s image is related to Phoenix bird. If she hasn’t passed throught different metamorphoses, she is certainly a potential candidate to this process…It is proven that a woman works differently than a man including from a psychological point of view. Sensibility mainly is more pronounced. This can be in her advantage or disadvantage, depending on the enviorenment she’s getting into.

Often, a woman falls quicker under life’s hits, and sometimes contribue to this those who should have protected her, but after resting in the gap she finds the force to come back to the light. Many times, way more radiant than she was before. This change can be surprising for many people around her, and especialyy for those who would’ve wanted her down forever.

Most women I had met after such an methamorphose have also changed their attitude. They simply shine, the light is concentrated in their eyes and their smile that seems to tell everyone: you will hit me in vain, I’m not falling anymore because I know how to stop this fall. Every day is a new experience, she can find beauty in a sunshine that beautifully falls on a leaf, in the rain’s song, in the shapes of ice on the sidewalk…

With the same serenity they will also face the difficulties in life…They know to take power from everything around them, to find motivation for continuing the change…But what is the most important is that they don’t have to prove anything to anyone, anymore. They understand that if they are good and strong then they can do much more for the people around, sending them power and trust.

What can start the change? The woman simply wakes up one morning and tells herself „Yes, from now on I can! I can do anything I’m thinking of! First of all I can be happy!” And that’s the moment when methamorphoses starts…

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MIHAELA BRINZEA – History has proven us that women are really special. Beyoncé was asking herself in her song ”Who run the world?” giving back the answer ”the Girls!”, while the well-known romanian singer Titi Botez sang „The woman, the eternal story, don’t ask who she is and love her forever”.

To the question why are the women special we can get different answers, deppending on the perspective of the one who has to answer. A child will say special woman is his mother, his sacred icon who, from his first breaths, surrounded him with love, supported his first steps, encouraged him on his first school day, consoled him at his first failures and „built” him, the best she could and without showing the sacrifices she has done, getting him ready to become a person who will know to live life beautifully. In the eyes of many people, sister is also a very special person, she is the memory of beautiful childhood, with no worries, the symbol of eternal friendship, the model to follow and the shoulder you can always lean on. Once they become adults, people find special women who become their soulmates, wives to the end of time, who inspire, support, advise and encourage.

Back to children – in there world there’s also another super hero that will „build” their character, and that is gradmother, a beautiful mother who has many hours of practice, who criticizes you little and loves you a lot, the one seen by grandchildren as a source of wisdom and safety.

In this „speed era” a special woman does not give up her dreams, finds a job that she loves, personally develops and becomes highly appreciated in her profession.

Each of us has at least one special woman in his life, either mother, sister, wife or grandmother. From 1911, we have an International Woman Day, meant to celebrate historical, cultural and political achivements of women. For me neither the day chosen, 8-th of March, is not random, because is the time when planet comes back to life and „paints” itself in the colour of hope – green – just as special women from our world are source of rebirth, energy and hope.

In the end, in a world where gender equality is a very debated topic and far frombeing solved, I can only come with the way Mahatma Gandhi has said this in 1930, highlighting special character of women. „To call woman weak sex is a slender. If by force we understand brute power then yes, women is less brute than the man. If by force we understand moral power, then woman is, definitely, superior to man. Isn’t woman the one who has a bigger intuition, a bigger self-sacrifice power, a bigger power of resistance, a bigger courage? Without her, people could not be. If non-violence is the law of human being, the future is in woman’s hands, because who can make a more efficient appeal to heart than the woman?”

Happy birthday, WOMAN, and don’t forget that, in someone’s eyes, your are the most precious gift God has ever offered!

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ADRIANA TILLICH – To be a woman is like the universe going through you. I could write a novel about what woman means, shortly I’m trying to understand why God has chosen us to continue what HE has started. Because HE trusted we will make it. I’m proud when I hear “Behind every successful man is a strong woman”. The woman is the symbol of patience, joy, pain, perfection, creation and beauty, so she deserves you to love her and respect her as long as you live. Happy birthday, woman!

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CRISTINA STELIANA MIHAILOVICI – A difficult topic for a woman “in the flower of age” (40) who works in a masculine field – maritime field. And yes, we are special. Even “ship” is English is considered a “she” and is of feminine gender. And if we carefully analyze many wonders of the world are of feminine gender: flowers, the stars, the sea, the planet or mother nature are just few of them. Special is a woman’s love, faith, dedication and intelligence. We live a time when a woman’s sensibility is misinterpreted and is promoted strong woman, business woman, woman in football or other “strong” fields. It’s hard for me many times in the maritime field, although my maritime expertise is based on legislation, contracts, security, management and maritime pollution, where physical force is not necessary, but many times you are seen as a “weak ring” in “masculine” fields although things shouldn’t’ be like this. And we are truly special because we can dedicate ourselves to any field, because every piece of us loves, believes and dedicates to people we love and people around us. And there’s something more – the love of a mother who can’t be replaced with anything in this world. We know this from the Bible, from prayers, famous books, paintings, music and art and especially from everyday life.

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IOANA DANCANET – The rhythm of life is alert today for each of us, but the woman, mother or wife, is the one who, after hours at work, will find time and energy to take care of her family, to play with kids or to read for them, to caress them the way only a mother can do, to offer a smile or a good advice. It’s a day dedicated to these so complex human beings for whom the day seems to have more than 24 hours, and inside whom lye both femininity and strength. Happy birthday to all women, health and a lot of joys!

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NATALIEA ALBU – We are special because we have been given special gifts – maternity-the purity of life, gentleness – the gift of making pain easier, resilience – the power to lift us up and reinvent ourselves, unconditional maternal love. We are like snowdrops – tender, curious, strong, resistant. Kissed by the sun or covered by snow, we give the emotion of the moment only to those who dear to kneel in front of divine that’s inside of us, to pick us up, take care of us – and we offer them special days.

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CAMI DROGE – The 8-th of March definitely means to me mother’s day and everything related to this day comes with mother’s memory and her celebration. You meet special women everywhere and we celebrate them all on the 8-th of March, a day when “rain of flowers” does not bother anyone – from snowdrops, hyacinths, tulips to roses and freesias with their spring perfume. It’s that day when, as a woman, you can only feel special, even if you are special every day to someone and you are special for everything you give, emotionally, in every moment!

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DIANA POPESCU – Why we are special? Because we discover the power of happiness inside ourselves and activate it every time we need encouragement. We live intensively, listen to our heart and LOVE. We are special because we dare to turn our dreams in reality.

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NICOLETA IONITA – We are special because this is our gift. We were born to give life, to love, to ease the pain, to be always there when people around us need a shoulder to cry on. We are special because we can be strong and fragile in the same time, because although sometimes we have our heart broken in million pieces we still have the power to smile.

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CARMEN ORASANU – What is woman? Woman is a rock, a flower, a river, a scream, a whisper, an arrow, an eyelid with a tear. How would be the world without women? Like a sun without a moon. Like a sky without stars. Like a cheek without a tear. Like a smile without joy. Like a poem without heart. Like a wood without birds. Like a wound without any hope.

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Do you know a very special person? Someone who has followed his dream, built it piece by piece, with passion, energy and lot of soul? An usual, simple person who did something in life, who you can identify with, who can be, for others, a source of inspiration? Tell me about that person and let’s tell the others his/her beautiful story. Write me at, here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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