You are currently viewing Ciprian and his wonderful dream come true – Atelier Cerbu, the story of unique, luxury bow ties worn by customers all over the world

Ciprian and his wonderful dream come true – Atelier Cerbu, the story of unique, luxury bow ties worn by customers all over the world

Former financial consultant in a bank in Romania, his native country, Ciprian Stanciu (29 years old) restarted his life from scratch when he has moved to France. He had different jobs at the beginning – bartender, waiter or was seller in a clothing store – then he became a model for clothing brands. One day, he has bought a sewing machine from teleshopping, with 15 euro – and that was the beginning of an incredible professional adventure. He has made his first bow tie, dressed elegantly and walked on the main street in Strasbourg, to see how people are looking at him – and an elderly woman stopped him, to ask where he has bought his bow tie from. From that point on, he worked hard every day, believed in his dream every moment and succeeded in building a wonderful success story. Today, in his workshop from Strasbourg are made unique bow ties in spectacular collections, from classic models to luxury ones such as diamond bow ties or the ones painted with gold leaf. Paris Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival or Milan Fashion Week are just a few famous events where his bow ties have been worn and admired, and his clients are of all ages and spread all over the world, from France or Italy to America, Russia, Morocco and many more.

Ciprian graduated Faculty of Economy of Tourism, Trade and Services in Romania, and worked as a financial consultant in a bank, then as a driver for a business man.

He started from scratch in France, having different jobs, from bartender or waiter to seller in a clothing store or sales advisor in a multibrand cosmetics store. Then worked in fashion industry, as a model for clothing brands.

The beginning

One day, he has bought a sewing machine seen on teleshopping, with 15 euro – talking to him today, the beginning seems almost unbelievable. With that, he has done his first bow tie, then dressed elegantly and got out for a walk, on the main street in Strasbourg, to see people’s reaction. One elderly woman stopped him and asked him where he has bought his bow tie from – and that was the moment he knew he was on the right way.

And he started working hard on something he had never done before. When he was a child he used to break grandma’s buttons from the clothes and sew them on a piece of material – but that was all. He has learnt everything all by himself – self-taught – watching video tutorials, working a lot.

Step by step

The next step was a stand at Strasbourg Fashion Week – “I have sold 10 bow ties in one week”, he remembers, smiling. Then he has asked his friends, models and photographers, to help him promote his work – and did this in fashion shows, also organized professional photo shootings in famous places such as Piazza San Marco in Venice, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or Milan Dome.

Bow ties were also promoted in private, exclusive parties in Paris or in organized events in luxury hotels – fashion shows, photo shootings, collection shows. For three years, fashion shows also took place in European Council.

Special clients and unique, luxury collections

“We have two types of clients – luxury hotels for their waiters and ordinary people who want to stand out with an elegant outfit. Our bow ties are of very good quality and help people have a different attitude”, Ciprian says.

Clients are of all ages, from 28 to 65, and of all nationalities – Italian, French, English, American, Russian, Romanian, Arab, Moroccan and many more. Paris Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival or Milan Fashion Week are just a few famous events where his bow ties have been worn and admired. “They are people with a strong character, they are not afraid to stand out, they want to be elegant”, Ciprian says. He created various collections, with prices from 70 to 480 euro, and bow ties can be also customized.

Spectacular luxury collections have been developed. Diamond Collection was created with the jeweler Jean Ridweg, who accessorized the bow ties with diamonds. Luxury Union Collection was imagined with designer Serge Orion and produced in partnership with painter Caroline Alfonso. The painting, which you can admire on the velvet, is enhanced by spots of 24-carat gold leaf. Frey Wille Collection is made in partnership with the Austrian jewelry brand Frey Wille, starting with their silk scarves with prints inspired by the great painters Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.

From heart, with love

“My inspiration comes from my soul”, Ciprian says, and certainly this matters most – no matter what you chose to do, to perform and have excellent results you have to love your work and do it from heart. “I am happy because my bow ties bring happiness, they are beautiful, full of color and make people feel good”, Ciprian says.

Secret of professional happiness? When you don’t find yourself in what you are doing, when you are unhappy going to work, you have to change something. Of course finding courage to do this is not easy, getting out of a comfort zone is always a challenge – but you always have to try when you feel you are not happy. “Everything has to be a challenge”, Ciprian says.

Of course it wasn’t easy at all to build everything that he has today, certainly there were moments when he wanted to give up – but always found resources inside to go on. “The most important thing isn’t to be perfect in what you are doing – you make mistakes, others make. You must know how to deal with any event, and this has helped me to develop myself, to become better and better”, he says.

You can find out more about Ciprian and Atelier Cerbu on his website, HERE


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