#coronastories – Mirela Craciun, oncology nurse – „There are decisions very hard to be taken, yet everyone is there”

#coronastories – Mirela Craciun, oncology nurse – „There are decisions very hard to be taken, yet everyone is there”

Mirela Craciun (46 years old), oncology nurse in UK, speaks about the atmosphere these days where she is working, about the wonderful solidarity, dedication, medical mission followed with heart. And also about the lessons we should not forget when everything will pass – strong and weak points of all systems, what real values are, what really matters.

Mirela is the one who has given me the idea of #coronastories – she insisted that I should write a lot about what we are passing through these days, what we feel, what our valuable lessons are, how we change. That we are not allowed to forget all these, after pandemic goes away and everything will come back to normal. And she was so right!

Supporting each other

Of course it’s not easy, not for ordinary people, who work from home these days, so much more for those on the front line. Originary from Romania, Mirela works as oncology nurse in UK for 15 years already, maybe in the most difficult medical specialty, emotionally speaking. You see death every day, you see people of all ages affected by cancer, dramas, the thin border between life and death. There isn’t a single easy day.

Nor is this period easy. „Of course it’s stress, a certain anxiety, but people are still ok”, Mirela says. Then her voice is trembling – it’s so much emotion when she speaks about medical staff, her colleagues, new nurses that are coming to work with so much dedication and joy, although the risks are huge these days. „Baby nurses, our new nurses, are exactly like soldiers in the past – we go forward, we will manage, everybody is there”, she says.

Courage comes from inside and from colleagues around – we are here to help, it will be ok. „We look at each other and we go forward, we have no other option. The atmosphere si something like – we are here, we are ready. There are decisions very hard to be taken, yet everyone is there”, she says.

And huge courage also comes from patients and the whole society, who seams to learn now, more than ever, how valued and respected the medical staff should be. „We are going on the street, people see the uniform and say Hi, with respect, and that gives you a very good feeling”, Mirela says.

The atmosphere in Preston, small town where she is living, is as in quarantine, with few people in the streets, for urgent needs only.

Lessons that should not be forgotten

Many things change with the pandemic, Mirela thinks. Solidarity is probably bigger than ever. People help each other a lot, who has a valuable information gives it forward. „And you see the parents how they look at their children – it’s so much tenderness”, she says.

The crisis will show both the strong and the weak parts of all systems, she thinks – and it is hyghly important what we remain with, after pandemic will pass. Our lessons this period – if we learn them – should not be forgotten afterwards. „I hope people will understand why we need to appreciate health and medical staff. The society hasn’t observed so far the value of medical staff and healthcare system”, she says.

She also thinks many people should redefine their value system and way of acting after pandemic will pass. That we should learn to appreciate what really matters and act responsibly in everything. And treat people differently, in many situations. „Disasters have to happen for us to learn to appreciate valuable people”, she says.

And, last but not least, we should not forget that if you have the virus it’s not the end of the world, at all – most people heal. „Let’s be grateful it’s not a virus that kills the mass”, she says.

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