You are currently viewing #coronastories – Florenti Stanciu, young entrepreneur: “Money don’t buy health. When facing coronavirus we are all equal”

#coronastories – Florenti Stanciu, young entrepreneur: “Money don’t buy health. When facing coronavirus we are all equal”

Florenti Stanciu (36 years old), owner of a small real estate agency, talks about her professional life during coronavirus pandemic, how things have changed, but also about our lessons, these days – it’s a time when we may realize, more than ever, that there are things that can’t be bought with money, that when facing a medical problem we are all equal and that, maybe, we should reevaluate from certain points of view our values and our life priorities.

Florenti lives in Romania and works in real estate for many years, but now things have changed completely in her work. Her direct contact with clients can’t be done anymore, so she is trying to work home office as much as she can – doing online and on the phone what can be solved like this.

She says she is somehow lucky – because there are things she can still do working on this system, but also because her expenses with her office are not big. “But I’m thinking about those who have credits, big rents – for them it is not easy at all”, she says. She has clients that had to suspend their activity, and had no money to pay the rent anymore – in those cases landlords and tenants have to find ways to share the loss. “It’s a “dead period that you must support, somehow. There are people who still don’t understand – how come we can’t work anymore?” she adds.

She doesn’t have employees, works by herself, and says she doesn’t feel any kind of support from Romanian authorities. “They think tourism is the most affected – but don’t think about the others”, she says. And she is not talking about her only – for instance, there are restaurants, bars, that still have to pay their rents during crisis, although they are closed – and rents are not small at all. “It’s good to have some savings – otherwise you have no way to handle it”, she says. All those working with public are affected – lawyers, public notaries are just two examples, there are so many more.

Our lessons

Florenti is trying to protect herself as much as she can – and her beloved, also. “Once a week I’m going to my parents and leave their shopping in the trunk of their car – we don’t meet physically, but we talk on the phone all the time”, she says.

She doesn’t think coronavirus pandemic will change us, as society – and individual change depends on each of us, if we want to learn something from everything that is happening now or not. She is deeply impressed by solidarity of civil society these days, society who is doing a lot for medical system – both individuals and private companies, they donate money, medical equipment and consumables.

“I see all this as a lesson given to human nature, we are way too little”, Florenti says, pointing that many of us “see” nothing else but our work and buying a lot of things. “It doesn’t help you at all, you appreciate much more life and simple things, what really matters. We need so little – and what we need can’t be bought with money. We are all equal, the virus makes you so aware of this! Those who live from one day to another and millionaires, facing the virus we are all equal, money don’t buy health. Health is what matters the most. What I also hope is that we will be less selfish, after things come back to normal”, she adds.


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