You are currently viewing #coronastories Ana Mocanu-Suciu, university lector: “This period should be a lesson and we should self-discipline. We should learn the discipline of work and of living in a society”

#coronastories Ana Mocanu-Suciu, university lector: “This period should be a lesson and we should self-discipline. We should learn the discipline of work and of living in a society”

Ana Mocanu-Suciu (48 years old), university lector at the Law School from Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania, talks about how coronavirus crisis has changed her way of working with her students, but also about the lessons of this period. And one of the most important should be to choose a job that we truly love, and which will certainly be done well anytime – even when you work from home, have no supervisor and have to be self-disciplined.

Coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things, including the way we work – and in some cases has done it completely. It’s not Ana’s case, she has been working online with her students for some time, but she also had to learn new things and to adapt. Ana is teaching her students now from her home-office – and says things are going more than ok.

The meetings from virtual class

“For video classes I work with a different application, I haven’t used it before. You work with different applications, it’s all about being willing to learn new things, never start with the idea “me, at my age…”, Ana says. Applications are free – you just have to adapt, and learn that you need a lot of self-discipline when organizing your work – it’s so easy to be distracted at home!

Ana is “meeting” with her students in the “virtual class” now, they upload their homework in the application, she can make observations for each student without him feeling “exposed” in any way to the others. The application also announces students when they have to upload their homework, and they receive grades. “Things work in the same way, the only difference is that we don’t have physical interaction. You can see who is online, students are active, ask questions”, Ana says.

Adapting to crisis situation

She often uploads materials in advance, so that her students can already have an idea what they will be talking about. “They react very well, they are already used to communicate online with me a lot. And in some cases they might even communicate better online, they don’t have those emotions from face to face meetings anymore, especially those from “small” years”, she adds.

This is how we can all help for things to go on – adapting to crisis situation and trying to do our jobs as good as we can in these conditions. “Everyone has to contribute how they can and as much as they can, we will get over this too”, she says.

Our lessons

There are many things to learn from what we are living these days, she thinks. One is to protect the others – even if we don’t know them. “First thing we should learn is that what each of us does is not affecting us only, but the others, also, and not only our families but also the people we meet by chance. We must give up selfishness – I don’t care about the other, it has to be good for me – maybe the other is elderly, has associated diseases and way higher risks”, she says.

Then we should also learn that what happens somewhere in the world can affect us all, and solidarity has to be real. You have to think what you can do to help – and you can help by staying home, by keeping the social distance. “Success is assured by the contribution of each”, Ana says.

A new paradigm of work

And she points out another very important lesson – that of self-discipline when working in different conditions, without supervisor, and how important is to do something that you love, something that you will do good no matter your boss is with you or not.

“This should be a lesson and we should self-discipline. We should learn the discipline of work and of living in a society – not to have a supervisor anymore who checks whether we are working or not. We have to work on projects and set goals. But this self-discipline of work is also related to the love for your profession. If you don’t like what you do someone must check your work. Young people must be advised to choose a profession they love, and then we as a society will know that everyone is in the right place and we need less supervisors.

We should change where we can this paradigm of work – I don’t need a supervisor anymore, the manager doesn’t have to come anymore to see what I am doing, I have to do it with joy”, she says.

And we should also give up a certain “intellectual snobbery”, she thinks, give up many diplomas and each person should do what she knows and is good at. Maybe in school curricula some things should be changed – another point to think about, after things will come back to normal.

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