You are currently viewing #coronastories Celebrations in lockdown. Five episodes about huge power of love

#coronastories Celebrations in lockdown. Five episodes about huge power of love

I’m definitely a people person. I love having good people around, hugging, holding hands, sharing. I love the feeling of being together. Cooking with love for my dearest. Doing things together – small joys built with wide open hearts. Sharing both pains and joys. Belonging. Being happy together – happy for the happiness of those you love. I’m lucky and blessed with good old friends and wonderful family, with the chance of building lots of memories. So these days were a challenge – first my birthday then Easter just me and my husband. A challenge, a blessing and such a wonderful life lesson. Let me tell you more.

First birthday in lockdown was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever had. Completely atypical, but feeling every minute as a blessing. Here are two moments – I’ve had more.

First was our meeting with our best friends here in Norway. We have met in a huge parking place, near the sea. Parked the car with 3 meters regular distance. They stepped back, so we can put in their trunk pizza and birthday cake already cut. Then we stepped back and they have transferred the gifts. Then, with 2 meters regular distance, we have eaten together with single use cutlery and plates. Drunk alcohol-free champagne. Laughed together a lot.

Their girl, who is almost 6 years old, started singing Happy birthday to me with the panpipe. There, in that big parking place where there was no one else but us, the time simply stopped. I didn’t even try to hide my tears – tears of joy and so much gratitude. She has also made some drawings for me – each has a rainbow on it and words of love.

The second moment. Getting home and arranging flowers, have found a birthday card in one of the bouquets. Saying like this: “Many blessed years, our beloved! Be always happy and protected by God! Make all your good thoughts come true and stay Sun for us all. We love you!”. It was signed by our best friends from Romania. 2.500 kilometers away, but all there, with all their wonderful hearts.

And three moments from Easter.

The first. We are orthodox, our best friends are catholic, they celebrated Easter one week before. In Holy Sunday, they have called. We’ll pass by – just to let something on the table, in front of your house. They had put there painted eggs and homemade cookies. And hugged with heart – we, from house entrance, they, from car windows. With tears and love. Then, I painted the eggs for the Orthodox Easter, using the traditional technique I had learnt from my grandma. Took out of the refrigerator a traditional romanian cake for Easter, called “cozonac”, made by my mother. Shared the painted eggs in two, cut the cake in two also – for us and for them.

Second moment. On Easter evening, completely unplanned, we went out to the beach. Parked the car nearby and, from the car, we had seen one of the most beautiful sunsets since getting to Norway. After a whole day cooking and cleaning and decorating the house – everything done with joy and with that old, special feeling of eagerness before the Holy Night. On our way back home, I remember telling my husband this – that I have so much peace in my heart, and joy, and I really feel that Easter is coming!

We had opened a laptop and had seen the Easter religious service online. We had traditional painted eggs on the table, candles, an icon, bread and wine. On the dining table, we had put a tablecloth sewn by my grandmother. Had seen the ceremony with tears in eyes and so much light in heart. When the priest said “God is alive” answered “He is truly alive” from heart. I closed my eyes and felt like being in the small old church from the village of my grandparents. After the ceremony, we have eaten traditional bread with wine, “cracked” the eggs and hugged. The feeling? Absolutely unique.

The third. On Easter morning, in pajamas, we took a virtual tour of the people we love. We celebrated on video calls with our families and friends, part of our extended family. Even with family’s cat, yeah, my mother had also brought her to the camera))))))) Each moment with them was a blessing. Candles lit on the Holy Night are still burning. And so our hearts – full of love.

It might sound paradoxical, but these days I had more than ever the feeling of “together”. I don’t think I have ever felt luckier, more blessed and more loved. I had birthday parties with a lot of people when I had felt incredibly alone. Celebrations in fancy restaurants – but never had the feeling lived in that empty parking place, when Giulia was singing for me. Easter religious services in big cathedrals – but never such a feeling during the ceremony as this Holy Night.

I truly think that gratitude is the most beautiful lesson that we can strongly learn during this pandemic. For being alive (it is not a banality, isn’t it?), for the people-blessings God has put into our lives, for all the small joys that make our hearts beat faster and our souls shine. We need so little to be happy – we have the people we love and we actually have everything!

Life is a miracle every single day. Made by the huge power of love.

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