You are currently viewing #coronastories Daniel Turuianu, resident in Denmark: “Value systems have changed. People won’t be running after money, as they did before”

#coronastories Daniel Turuianu, resident in Denmark: “Value systems have changed. People won’t be running after money, as they did before”

Daniel Turuianu (40 years old) speaks about life in Denmark during coronavirus pandemic, from decisions of local authorities to the way life has changed and our valuable lessons during this period – if we choose to learn them.

Both Daniel and his wife are teachers – so they both adapted to online work from home since coronavirus lockdown. The official announcement about lockdown was made in Denmark on the 11-th of March, almost everything closed, supermarkets and pharmacies remained opened.

A different life

Kindergartens and schools remained all closed for more than one month, and reopening gradually started after catholic Easter. People are not allowed to gather in groups bigger than 10, and must keep a safety distance of 2 meters between them. Of course it’s not easy – mostly for those who love socializing. “People miss going to the beach, getting out for a beer with their friends, things that were normal before. You can’t shake your hands either when you meet”, Daniel says, giving just few examples about how social distancing rules have changed simple, everyday life.

But social distancing also brought people together, in wonderful solidarity actions. “A Facebook group was created here the day lockdown was announced, young students have offered their help to the elderly people”, Daniel says.

Our valuable lessons

“We are optimistic, this is the most important thing”, he says, although pandemic has certainly changed the way many of us think, and our lives to a greater or lesser extent.

Daniel thinks value systems have changed during this period, and people, at least some of them, won’t be running so much after money after everything goes away. There are also other valuable lessons we should learn – more attention to hygiene, to our health and a healthy way of living.

“People became more supportive, value system has changed. They won’t be running after money, as they did before. They will put the accent on hygiene, on healthy life. Health becomes very important”, he says.

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