You are currently viewing #coronastories Andreea Guritanu Pop, resident in Austria – “We will appreciate much more the time spent together”

#coronastories Andreea Guritanu Pop, resident in Austria – “We will appreciate much more the time spent together”

Andreea Guritanu Pop (34 years old) speaks about life in Austria during coronavirus pandemic, about the measures taken by local authorities, with huge fines if breaking social distancing restrictions. She is also describing the atmosphere there and talks about our good, valuable lessons during this period.

Andreea and her husband live in Austria for 7 years – they had met there and then got married. Her husband works at a truck company, she is staying home now, taking care of their little baby. They live in a village, about 40 kilometers from Linz, the third biggest city in the country.

Huge fines if breaking social distancing restrictions

“People are very cautious, they enter into supermarkets wearing masks, gloves. People usually say hi when they meet and shake hands, now they don’t do this anymore”, Andreea describes a completely new way of acting that everybody had to adopt. People only get out in the wood, with bicycles, only those from the family, no more than 5 persons are allowed to stay together.

You are not allowed to stay on benches – the fines are very big, and not in this case only. Just two examples. You have to keep social distancing, and few persons, who have got together in an apartment, had to pay 3.600 euro each for this. If you are isolated or quarantined at home and police doesn’t find you there – they check three times a day – the fine is 5.000 euro.

Facial masks for free, in supermarkets

Andrea and her husband go out for shopping once a week, she in making bread at home. “Police travels a lot, you have to tell them where are you going to, you are allowed to go only to the supermarkets in your area, the fine is very big otherwise”, she says.

You can find in supermarkets everything you need, including facial masks, when you enter the shop you get one for free. If you want to buy, they cost 1 euro per piece. “People respect social distancing rules a lot, in supermarkets and everywhere. They used to go to the church every Sunday, now they are not allowed to and respect this”, she says.

Help for the elderly

Everything that can be solved online is done this way – including medical consults. People who live in flats with rent from the state can ask for deferred payment – where are more children, for instance, and less income during this period.

Elderly people are helped with shopping by neighbours and friends – to be protected and do not get out of their houses.

Our lessons

“We’ll be more cautious regarding hygiene, our contact with people”, Andreea thinks, talking about the way our lives will change once the pandemic is over. “Until now we’ve been like some robots. We will appreciate much more the time spent together”, she adds.

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