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My very Special Stories. First year of love

Special Stories officially turns 1 year old today. And for the last two weeks I kept on thinking how I should write this text, for our first anniversary together, I have post-its with ideas spread all over my desk, statistics, links, but never found “that” feeling – that I have to write “now” because I have so much to say with my heart.

And this is exactly the answer I’ve been searching for. Because all this project, from the first story to the last photo explanation, all this project is a huge heart beating with every word, every phrase, every emotion and every piece of light spread among the words.

Special Stories appeared in my life to teach me so many lessons.

First of all was that when you have a gift you have to find the best way to use that gift – because you can do good, technically, a lot of other things, but happiness is found only in things done with your heart, from unlimited passion and huge love. You can be satisfied from so many points of view – but truly happy you won’t be unless you do what you are gifted for.

The second lesson? That there are no barriers when you do – again – what you love and what you are gifted for. That you can find ways to do it you have never imagined before – there will always be a way when you finally decide to walk with heart. I have never written in English before. Actually, after finishing high-school, I have used the language rarely, for some interviews or on holidays. I’m still using the dictionary, of course – but my heart is wonderfully beating in English, also, and “flows” into my phrases, with love.

Content was another barrier – who will read something that is not sensational and not commercial? Today, statistics show readers from 138 countries and more than 42.000 followers on Facebook.

Also the distance – Norway is not my native country, I moved from Romania three years ago. But I’ve learnt to use the technology more often, do audio interviews, video interviews, use new platforms, adapt and use this as an advantage to write about people spread all over the world. Yes, of course it’s working.

The third lesson was that we come from different countries but things that make us laugh, feel, love, cry, wonderful emotions are universal. I have written stories with people of different nationalities – each of them was a joy, every discussion was first of all felt with heart, I have received highly emotional messages from all – not only from those coming from my native country.

Each person I‘ve had the chance to write about on Special Stories was, for me, a gift and a joy. Each of them has taught me valuable lessons, was light and inspiration. All made me feel so lucky and blessed for having the chance to write about them. And to offer their stories, as heartfelt gifts, to those who are reading.

Special Stories has taught me to have trust, to dare, to largely open the wings of my heart. To put it, piece by piece, in my phrases, in my interviews, into heartfelt hugs. Some of those so special people I had written about became my precious friends. With some I’ve cried, and so many of them helped me grow with this project, offering beautiful, unconditional support.

Today, I have the chance of writing this text thanks to all of you. Those who have given me the chance to write your special, inspirational stories. Those who have recommended me special people to write about. Those who have shared the texts, invited friends on Facebook Page or Facebook Group, wonderful, special readers of Special Stories. I’m here because of your wonderful, incredible support. Without you all, none of these would’ve happened.

I’ve loved every second of work on this project, every phrase, every detail, I felt my heart beating at every final preview, every time before touching the “publish” button. I’ve laughed with you, cried with you and professionally grew up with you all – as I said, I feel incredibly lucky and blessed and so so grateful for everything.

I love this project for everything that it is offering – so special people, valuable life lessons, inspiration, light, emotions, motivation and so much heart.

Special Stories is not only a journalistic project – it is also my heart spread into words, my dream came true and my huge love. I thank all of you who have given me this chance – to grow doing what I know and what I love and never feel like working, actually – not a single day.

Thank you all for being part of my #specialstories world. It’s absolutely wonderful our journey together!

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