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Fairy tale world of Mica’s dolls. Welcome to a magical, knitted land of dreams

Economist and former economic director of a tourism company, Mica Miu (59 years old) simply reinvented her life at an age when not too many people have the courage to do this. In 2016, after 33 years of work in the same place, she has resigned – it was a lot of work and a lot of stress also, too much. One year later she had discovered knitting, something she has never done before. First more like something “to play with”, do something for her beloved niece – she remembers laughing about her first doll, knitted for her niece. A lot of intensive work had followed, hundreds of hours of study materials in different languages, practice again and again. Then results followed – and a small fairy tale world has opened. From her hands spectacular, unique knitted dolls come to life, each with her own story, each personalized for its recipient, each made with huge attention, dedication and so much love. If you see her dolls you’ll understand – they are spectacular, but it’s not that only – each wears not only wonderfully made clothes but also a big piece of her wonderful heart. And people who order them feel this – so magic dolls got not only to Romania, her native country, but also to countries like Canada, America, Spain, Qatar, Italy or United Kingdom.

“I am a graduate of Economics, I had only management positions all my life, I never had time for knitting”, Mica starts her story, laughing. She had learnt some elementary things about knitting at school, as a child, but that was all. And never imagined how this old, ancient technique will simply change, at one point, her life.

Mica Miu

It was 2016 when she found the courage to make a huge life change. She has resigned from her job – she was an economic director in a tourism company, and had worked for 33 years in the same place. It was a lot of work, adrenaline and continuous stress, and one day she simply knew things could not go on like that anymore.

First steps in fairy tale world

One year later, being a grandma, told her husband she had to do something, she can not just stay – what would be suitable? “Talking to my husband, I have simply told him “crochet”, she remembers, with so much emotion, the beginning. So she has bought crochets, threads as she considered – not knowing anything about it. And started working “from the internet, I had done, made mistakes, undone a thousand times”, she remembers.

First knitted things were a blouse and a hat for her niece. “Then I have thought – how would it be to make a doll for her, to sleep with her, and love her – she was about to start the kindergarten”, Mica says. So she started studying on the internet, found nothing in Romanian but discovered a lady from Mexico doing and explaining very well. Knew Spanish either or technical terms in English, but kept on working and learning on the way.

“First doll was extremely beautiful, and it was my gift for her for Children’s Day, the 1-st of June. Her reaction was priceless, it was so much joy, and that made me go on with this. The doll travelled with her all over”, Mica says.

“When I make a doll, my soul is there”

Everyone around her said wow, you’re talented, her friends started to ask her to make dolls, and from that point on everything is a wonderful story knitted with hands and built with heart. “For me this is therapy, having an extremely tired mind, it needs so much patience, care, I’m very rigorous, organized. When I make a doll my heart is there, I’m not thinking about anything else”, Mica says. She had studied specialized techniques, books in different languages, uses only quality materials that do not flake and do not cause allergies. “I love what I’m doing and I want to make each doll in an original way. I customize them according to how the child is, each one conveys something, I don’t want to make them as standards”, Mica says.

If you look on her Facebook Page – HERE – you will discover a magic land – so many different, unique dolls, each with the story of the one she was designed for. The drummer and singer, the doll of the fitness coach, the dolls in folk costumes are just few examples from so many. Magic dolls got not only to Romania, her native country, but also to countries like Canada, America, Spain, Qatar, Italy or United Kingdom.

The joy and the blessing of doing something with heart

Working on magical dolls it’s like a rebirth, every time, it’s huge joy, gratitude and feels like a blessing, every day. “I’m always learning, I want to make new and new models. I have never thought there are so many techniques, it’s incredible what can be done. I put each hair on her head, I do the eyes with the small crochet, I don’t use plastic eyes, each doll has a story and each has so much soul”, Mica says.

She starts working with the body – and when this part is ready, time stops a little bit, to let the magic come. “I close my eyes and I’m thinking how I see her, the most beautiful feeling is when I start to equip the doll, to give her life. When I get to facial expression is the supreme moment of joy, I give her life then, the face is the magic, the facial expression is the one that makes the difference – her eyes, lashes, small mouth, then the hair”, Mica says.

Restart is not easy, in any field, but once you have found the courage to make that step the result can be absolutely amazing – and you will be the first one surprised by what you are capable of. “You need courage to do things, I think no one knows what lies inside, what we are capable to do. I think I’ve had this inside myself but had no time to think that I can really do what I love. It’s the most important thing in life, to do what you love, this can bring you so much joy, inner peace, beyond anything. I thank God from morning till evening, for everything”, she says.

You can find Mica and her magic dolls on her Facebook Page, HERE


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