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Rebeca, adoptive mother of David: “His coming to our home was the answer to our prayers”

Rebeca Taranu (36 years old) and her husband Daniel (36 years old) have dreamt of having many children when they got married, 7 years ago. After more pregnancies lost, one of them in 4 months, they have decided to adopt a child – and today tell a highly emotional story about blessings, hope, trust, the miracles of God and the miracle of love. Today they are David’s parents, a 3-year adopted child that have fulfilled their hearts and changed their lives. This is their story – about the steps of the adoption, the feelings on the way and about their lessons, so valuable for us all.

Both Rebeca and Daniel are coming from big families – and wished to have children ever since they got married, 7 years ago. It didn’t happen, Rebeca lost more pregnancies, one of them in 4 months, and at one point started thinking about adopting a child. Then she had changed her job, and her new boss was a volunteer for orphaned children – she was the one who invited them, last year, to a meeting organized on Adoption Day, in June, with families who have adopted children. It was the moment that changed their life. “We left that meeting deeply impressed, the next day I went to my boss and told her we have taken the decision, what do I have to do?”, Rebeca remembers, smiling.

They started completing necessary papers, attended a 3-month course and, by the end of September last year, they were “officially ready” – and they completed the adoption request. In that request, future parents can specify if they want certain characteristics for the child they will adopt – but Rebeca and her husband did not have any requests in this direction, only one related to child’s age – not older that 6, because they had been married for 7 years. That was all. “When we have written that request I said it doesn’t matter, if I get pregnant I can’t ask God to be or boy or a girl”, she says.

David. The miracle of love

In November last year they were called to be told about an adoptable little boy. “My mother had just died, I was in sick leave, and we went”, Rebeca remembers. They had received a picture, of a little boy – and the time simply stopped. “I couldn’t believe my eyes how beautiful he was, and we left being sure that he will be our child”, she says, with trembling voice – it was a moment they will never forget.

Three months later, David, 3 years old, officially got to their house. From that day on, every day with him is a blessing, a joy and a miracle which they will be forever grateful for. Little by little, he got used to the idea of his new family, started playing with the children on the street, making friends with relatives, feeling he was “at home”. Today, he has his own room, a smile that melts your heart, he loves animals, playing with his new friends, and loves the feeling of being loved – ne needs so much attention!

“His coming to our home was the answer to our prayers, ever since we got married we prayed for God to give us a child, he is what we were missing, the one to offer our love to, he has filled the void in our souls. We are a complete, fulfilled family”, Rebeca says.

It’s so much emotion in every word she says, describing every day miracle from their lives. “You should see David – he is entering our yard with so much joy after playing with his friends, outside, he feels that he is at home, that this is his home. And he is so happy when he is going somewhere with Mom and Dad. He is a very cheerful child, he likes playing a lot and loves feeling the love”, she says.

A decision for life

The decision to adopt a child could not be easy for many people – but Rebeca says that, once you have taken it, the feeling when holding a child who needs so much love is unique. “All children have the right to be loved and to have a family. The biggest challenge is to accept you couldn’t personally have children and that these children come from God also, you don’t have to think how the child should be, you only have to think how to be good parents”, she says.

She is convinced that those who want to have a child in their home cross all barriers – “they should think that God will bring the right child for their family. They have to be convinced they want the child from the bottom of their heart and that they will love him, no matter what”, she says.

Thinking of adopting other children, also

They want more children – and also think about adopting a brother or a sister for David in 1-2 years. “Happiness, for me, means first of all to live your life with God in your heart, because he will certainly teach you how to be happy. Happiness doesn’t mean material things – it means love, understanding. Happiness doesn’t mean what you have – it means how much you can offer”, she says.

For all those who have doubts when thinking about adopting a child her strong, heartfelt advice is to give it a try. “They don’t lose anything if they try, you can give up on the way if you have any doubts. And I also think you should search for an advice from those who have adopted, who have been through this, not from the ones who haven’t. And you should 100% listen to your heart – if you have doubts listen one more, until you understand”, she says.


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